LSU Launches Its New Strategic Plan: Leading Louisiana. Impacting the World.

The long awaited LSU Strategic Plan 2025 officially launches this September. LSU 2025 pivots off of previous plans to position Louisiana State University as a leader in solving challenges critical to our future state, while graduating the leaders of tomorrow.

In 2003, LSU launched Flagship 2010, an ambitious strategic plan to elevate LSU to Flagship status. Success was benchmarked against a standard set of peer rankings. So, what differentiates LSU’s new plan? 

LSU 2025 encapsulates the staying power of LSU. James Carville said it best, “No state needs its Flagship University like Louisiana needs LSU.” This new plan drives home LSU’s social, economic and environmental impact on our state and nation by promising to deliver on the following:

  • Produce high quality graduates, adequately trained to enter the workforce upon graduation and become leaders in their fields.
  • Solve the world’s coastal erosion and energy challenges.
  • Promote Louisiana’s unique arts, culture, and humanities.
  • Become the national leader in advanced manufacturing.
  • Be a role model for improving the world’s health outcomes, where Louisiana citizens will see a 20-percent reduction in chronic diseases in the next 20 years, and rank among the top 20 states with regard to high school graduation rates and educational attainment.

Over the course of the fall semester, the Office of Academic Affairs will host a series of meetings to educate the campus community on the new plan and how our faculty, staff and students can play an integral role in its success. We hope you will join in the conversation. 

Upcoming Events:

October 24, 11:30 am:   LSU Community Lunch and Learn. Location: Hill Memorial Library. Lunch is now full. 


To learn more about LSU’s Strategic Plan 2025 in its entirety, please visit