Policy Changes for Academic Year 17-18

  • The policy on I Grades has been clarified so that students, faculty, and staff have a full understanding of situations that qualify for such a policy and the procedures that follow. Information about timing and clearly defined expectations have been added to the 17-18 General Catalog, which will be published at the end of March 2017.

  • A detailed table on appeals has been added to the 17-18 General Catalog to address the many different kinds of appeals processes at the university. PS 48 does not clarify the various appeals processes and to whom responsibility is held. This chart distills existing protocol to students and lets them know who is responsible for certain appeals. Online, graduate school and distance learning appeals procedures have also been included in this table as well as graduate school appeals.

  • The General Education Committee has removed the limit on the amount of General Education courses that can be taken via distance education. The verbiage has been removed from the 17-18 Catalog.

  • A stipulation that students must receive prior written approval from the dean offering the student’s major in order to use additional credits earned at a two-year college outside of LSU to fulfill degree requirements after the student has earned on-half of the applied credits has been revised. Students may now receive approval once contacted by their academic counselor prior to earning credit from other institutions. This has been included in the 17-18 Catalog.

  • To address the lack of midterm grade reporting, the Office of Academic Affairs, with the approval of the Academic Policy Review Committee and the Faculty Senate Executive Council, now sends out correspondence to all deans and chairs reminding them that midterm grade reporting is required and that instructors should pay attention to the academic calendar when designing their course schedules.

  • The Office of Academic Affairs, with the approval of the Academic Policy Review Committee and the Online Policy Working Group, has included verbiage in the 17-18 Catalog that alerts students to what constitutes attendance in online courses. The verbiage acknowledges that simply logging on to a course’s management system (e.g., Moodle) does not constitute attendance, and instructors may define and include any “academically related” activity as participation in the course.