Taylor Villemarette: I am...Creative.

artwork: Taylor Villemarette: I am...Creative, a desire to help others
Taylor Villemarette is a senior majoring in psychology and showcases her creativity through her personal painting and her involvement in the LSU Musical Theatre Club.

What does creativity mean to you, and how do you believe that you are creative?

I believe that there are many different ways to be creative, and everyone in this world is creative. By channeling our creative side, we allow ourselves to become unified as humans, and that connection between one person to the next is what is most important. I find myself creative in my own artistic work as a painter and actress.

How do you believe you are creative as it relates to your LSU involvement?

My creativity at LSU began with my pursuit to become an art therapist. I have enjoyed studio arts my entire life, so when it became time to choose a career path, I decided to combine my desire to help others with my love for the studio arts. This is important because it allows me to dedicate my life to a career that involves doing something bigger than myself along with something I enjoy.

How do you think you are creative in your life outside of LSU? Why is this important to you?

I am creative in my life outside of LSU in my personal pursuit to be an artist. My main choice of media is paint, but I have begun to explore ceramic and sculptural mediums as well. I think everyone should have some sort of hobby. I consider art to be my hobby, something I can go to at any time that is both enjoyable and cultivates growth.

Which theatre/character role experience has taught you the most personally?

The theatre experience that has taught me the most was my role as “Morgan” in Godspell at LSU last spring. This show taught me bravery as I auditioned for a show with a new group of people in a new setting. Additionally, it taught me the importance of group creativity because Godspell is an ensemble show in which every cast member is equally as vital in sharing the story.

How has your creative involvement impacted your overall experience at LSU?

By going out of my comfort zone to audition for LSU shows and take courses I knew would be difficult, I was able to grow and learn things about both my craft and myself in ways I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

Do you think it is important for everyone to have a creative outlet? If so, why?

Absolutely. I think everyone experiences some degree of stress in their life, whether through school, work, outside commitments, or social groups. By having a creative outlet, one is allowed to momentarily escape the stress of real life and immerse his or herself in a sort of alternate reality where they can create something beautiful.

How can others at LSU become more creative?

LSU offers a wide range of creative outlets through theatre, music, journalism, and the studio arts. I would encourage others at LSU to take a leap and participate in some form of creativity, even if they never have before.