Beau Bujol: I am...Transformative.

Beau Bujol: I am...Transformative.

Beau Bujol is a senior in the College of Music and Dramatic Arts studying music education. Bujol currently serves as the drum major of the Tiger Band, of which he has been a member for four years. 

What does “transformative” mean to you in your position as drum major?

By definition, being transformative means to make a change on something or someone. Any person in the Tiger Band can tell you that music has made a profound and transformed impact on his or her life. Whether it be through the connections made making music in such a large band with fantastic musicians or knowing that what we do as Tiger Band means so much to the LSU and Baton Rouge community, being a part of this organization has made a positive impact on myself and countless others people. As Drum Major, I had the opportunity to be able to give back to the band that has given so much to me.

While there are many specific responsibilities one has as Drum Major, the actual position itself is left to the interpretation of the individual in that role. Every Drum Major has had a different disposition or perspective while in the role, with each person being able to give back to the band while serving in their own unique way. To be transformative as Drum Major means to add your personality, knowledge, and ideas to better enhance the Tiger Band experience for everyone in the organization. To me, being transformative as Drum Major means to able to leave a positive impact on the band and the people in it in order to continue the legacy of tradition and excellence into the future.

Describe your role leading Tiger Band.

One of the most important roles of leading the Tiger Band involves being a teacher. Over the summer, the Drum Major designs and runs a Staff Camp for all of the Section Leaders of the band. In short, the Drum Major has to teach the Section Leaders how to lead each of their sections to marching and musical success, in order to bring the Tiger Band as a whole to the standard of excellence that we have been performing for many years.

Another one of the important roles of Drum Major at LSU involves being able to lead the Tiger Band throughout the entirety of Saturday Nights in Death Valley. Everything and anything the Tiger Band plays during the football games comes directly from the Drum Major, from down cheers to stands tunes. It is crucial that the Drum Major to be able to call the right songs at the right time because Tiger Band is one of the most important aspects to creating such a unique experience for the fans in Tiger Stadium.

From conducting to teaching, there are many more roles that are important to leading the Tiger Band; however, I believe one of the most important roles of being Drum Major is to serve as the representation of the hard work and dedication that every member of the band invests into the organization. Each and every member of the Tiger Band works incredibly hard to use their musical talents to represent LSU. Leading the Tiger Band involves serving the members of the band by providing them the opportunities they need to succeed, through both your ability to create music through the art of conducting, as well as through your ability to teach the members of the band to be the best musicians and people that they can be. 

How do you believe you are transforming the environment, culture and interactions of your peers in Tiger Band?

One of the ways that I found to give back to the culture of the Tiger Band is by taking the time to get to know the people that make up this amazing organization. Throughout the season, I made sure to interact and learn about my colleagues as much as possible. As I learned about and made genuine connections with the many members of the band, I also learned a lot about myself as a leader, and how I can make a meaningful impact on my friends that make up this organization.

I always believe in leading by example, and by doing my best to interact with every section in the band. I tried establishing a culture of inclusivity within the band. I tried to show the importance of inclusivity because making music is more meaningful and fun when you make music with your friends. While creating music is one of the best parts of being in the band, I believe that the friendships and relationships that are made by the members of the band make being in the band much more meaningful for everyone. As Drum Major, I am transforming the environment by being not only a leader, but as a friend for every member in the band. While I care deeply about making music and working together in the band setting, it is just as important to maintain these relationships outside of Tiger Band. Through my actions and attitude, I hoped to transform the band to be an even more inclusive environment for everyone involved in the organization, and thus, encouraging my peers how valuable it is to make meaningful relationships with everyone in the band, which ultimately creates a stronger sense of comradery within the organization.

How has it been challenging being transformative in your position?

Many things arise that are unanticipated while serving as Drum Major. With that, the regular duties as Drum Major, as well as being a student at the university, one of the greatest challenges I had to face in order to be transformative was fighting against time. The fall semester can go by in the blink of an eye, so it was important for me to spend as much time as I could to find ways to give back to Tiger Band. Also, Tiger Band is an incredibly large organization, which made it somewhat challenging to make meaningful connections with every person in the band. For every Drum Major, it is nearly impossible to accomplish everything you have planned for the band in the course of the fall semester. When things got hectic and overwhelming, I always made sure to remind myself what was truly important about being Drum Major or being in Tiger Band in general, which was to make great music with even better colleagues and friends.

What kind of impact do you hope to have on the Tiger Band, the campus of LSU and the Baton Rouge community?

I have always had a personal motto of “always leaving a place better than you found it” throughout my life. This was especially true when entering into the Drum Major position. LSU has given me so many opportunities to become a successful individual through the many lessons I learned inside and outside the classroom. Tiger Band was one of the greatest opportunities I have ever received while being a musician at LSU. The friendships and experiences that I have made through this organization will stay with me for the rest of my life. The impact I wish to leave on LSU and Baton Rouge is to always look to find creative and innovative ways to make this great university and city even better. In short, it is always about giving back to what was given to you. LSU and Tiger Band have given so much to me that I don’t think I can ever repay this university and organization. However, I will always strive for the highest in trying to inspire the people that make up this great community to work together to make this place even more special for the future generations of musicians and students.

How would you encourage your peers to be more transformative on LSU’s campus?

For my peers, I would say to take the risk because time is short! Our time here at LSU is very short, so it is important that we leave our mark on this university. We always need to be working together to find ways to make this university a better place. If you have an idea that you believe can make a greater impact on LSU, whether it be big or small, work to see your idea realized. Do not just expect it to happen just by wishing it happens. We need to be the catalyst for the future because LSU becomes a better place to be when we find ways to work together to create a brighter future for this university. Always remember that our time at LSU is short, so we need to make the best out of the time and opportunities that we have here, as well as use our unique talents and passions to leave our mark. Don’t hesitate, just act!