Anthony Morales: I am...Innovative.


Anthony Morales: I am...Innovative.

A finance and internal auditing major and entrepreneur, Anthony Morales, demonstrates his innovation through Kingsman Lloyd, his luxury sock company that focuses on southern styles.

What does innovation mean to you and how do you believe you are innovative?

When I think of innovation, I think of finding new ways to old approaches. I believe I’m innovative because I tend to take this approach to most situations I encounter on a daily basis. I’m intrigued by how most objects work and I’m constantly wondering if there is more than one way or a more efficient way of doing something.

What is the name of your company and how is it innovative? How are your products innovative?

The name of my company is Kingsman Lloyd and I believe my company is innovative because it takes a unique approach to a known social problem. My company’s main focus is to create social awareness for our homeless veterans. My company achieves this through its products, by donating one pair of socks for every one pair sold. Since the launch of the company, I've been able to generate a few hundred donations for a handful of local organizations that all share the same focus.

What does a person need to be innovative? In your opinion, is this something that is developed or taught?

In order to be innovative, I feel a person must be willing to ask why and how. They must be willing to ask why things work the way that they do and how you can create a new, innovative and more efficient approach to everyday experiences. 

How does the Student Incubator on campus help students to be more innovative?

The Student Incubator on campus is a huge resource for any student entrepreneur! It offers a tremendous amount of resources to help foster innovation here at LSU. Some of these resources range from pitch competitions, business plan support, work space and even hardware prototyping - just to name a few. When you can provide so many resources at once, to student entrepreneurs, only positive and innovative things can come out of this type of environment. 

How do you think your peers could be more innovative? 

Any student can push themselves to become more innovative by simply asking "why and how?" Being innovative isn’t easy, but I do believe everyone has what it takes to be innovative.