Sample Syllabi


Accounting 3021, Intermediate Accounting, Dana Hollie 

Accounting 3221, Income Tax Accounting, Letti Lowe-Ardoin 

Accounting 7222, Seminar In Accounting, Angela Woodland



Agriculture 2900, Directed Studies in Agricultural Leadership, Cathy Williams


Animal Science

Animal Science 2030, Basic Horsemanship, Laura Gentry 

Animal Science 4900, Companion Animals in Society, Jennifer Ritchie


Architecture 4221

Architecture 4221, Selected Topics in Architecture, Marsha Cuddeback  



Art 4420, Invisible Populations, Darius A. Spieth

Art 4555, Advanced Graphic Design, Veni Harlan



Biology 3116, Advanced Microbiology Lab, Karen Sullivan 

Biology 4254, Principles of Ecology Lab, David Brown

Biology 4800, Comparative Animal Physiology, Fernando Galvez


Biological Engineering

Biological Engineering, Engineering Properties of Biological Materials, Dorin Boldor


Computer Science

Computer Science 4330, Software Engineering, Sukhamay Kundu


Communication Disorders

Communication Disorders 4382, Language Disorders of Children, Jan Norris 


Communication Studies

Communication Studies 2064, Small Group Communication, Amy Fannin


Construction Management

Construction Management 1010, Construction Graphics and Nomenclature, Charles Pecquet 


Disaster Management

Disaster Management 2010, Fundamentals of Emergency Management, Rachel Dowty 


Education Curriculum and Instruction

EDCI 3001, Student Development and Diversity, Margaret Denny

EDCI 3002, Classroom Culture, Terrie Poehl

EDCI 3127, Education Curriculum Disciplines: Social Studies, Jennifer Jolly

EDCI 3223, Adolescent Literature, Jacqueline Bach

EDCI 4465, Reflective Teaching of Mathematics in Secondary Schools, Terrie Poehl

EDCI 7105, Reading in Today's Elementary School, Estanislado Barrera


Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering 4810/4820, ECE Capstone Design, John Scalzo



English 2000, Writing for the Community, Deborah Normand

English 2000, Cultural Exchanges, Christina Armistead

English 2001, Advanced Composition: Writing Memoir, Edith Babin 

English 2025, Introduction to Fiction, Jean Witherow 

English 2027, Introduction to Poetry: Poetic Foundations of Hip-hop, Susan Weinstein

English 2123, Culture: Food and Literature, Garnet Branch



Entomology 2001, Insects in the Environment, Linda Hooper-Bui 


Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Management Systems 4010, Applied Ecology, Maud Walsh


Environmental Sciences

Environmental Scinces 4262, Environmental Hazards Analysis, Melanie Gall

Environmental Sciences 7041, Environmental Policy Analysis, Margaret Reams  



French 3295, Special Topics in Cajun French, Amanda LaFluer



Geology 1002, Honors Physical Geology, Jeffery Nunn



History 3119, History of Sex in the U.S.: Sexual Reproduction & Social Equity, Alecia Long



Honors 2013, Twentieth Century: US Combat Infantry Men in WWII, Frank A. Anselmo 



Horticulture 4050, Horticulture Science Education, Carl Motsenbocker

Horticulture 4083, Principles Olericulture, Carl Motsenbocker


Human Ecology

Human Ecology 2014, Food Fundamentals, Judy Myhand

Human Ecology 3383, Assessment and Planning for Reflective Instruction PreK/K, Cynthia DiCarlo

Human Ecology 4064, Family Stress Management, Cassandra Chaney  

Human Ecology 4382, Critical Issues in Early Childhood Education, Jennifer Baumgartner    


Interior Design

Interior Design 3752, Musee Rouchette Rochon Project, Leon Steele 


Internal Systems and Decisions Sciences

ISDS 4125, Analysis and Design of Information Systems, Thomas Shaw


International Studies

International Studies 2000, A Survey of Current World Issues, Touria Khannous



Kinesiology 2540, Introduction to Recreational Opportunities for Persons w Disabilities, Wanda Hargroder

Kinesiology 3514, Biomechanical Basis of Kinesiology, LiLi

Kinesiology 3517, Neuromotor Control of Human Movement, Jan Hondzinski

Kinesiology 4501, Health Promoting Interventions in Communities, Birgitta Baker

Kinesiology 4517, Sports Administration, Dee Jacobsen


Library and Information Science

Library and Information Science 7008, Information Technologies, Yejun Wu 



Management 3120, Social Entrepreneurship, Mark Weaver

Management 4322, Employee Selection/Placement, Laura Wolfe


Mass Communication

Mass Communication 3080, Mass Media Law, Erin Coyle

Mass Communication 4001, Public Relations Writing, Lori Boyer

Mass Communication 4001, Public Relations Writing, Jinx Broussard

Mass Communication 4001, Public Relations Writing, Meghan Sanders

Mass Communication 4001, Public Relations Writing, Danny Shipka

Mass Communication 4005, Public Relations Campaigns, Nicole Dahmen

Mass Communication 4005, Public Relations Campaigns, Lisa Lundy



Math 1100, The Nature of Mathematics, Robert Perlis


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering 4943, Special Topics in Aerospace Engineering, Michael James Martin 



Music 4241, Louisiana Opera Outreach Program, Robert Grayson

Music 4223, Chamber Music, Joseph Skillen


Music Education

Music Education 2045, Teaching Music in Diverse Settings, Sarah Bartolome



Religion 4010, Religion in Louisiana, Michael Pasquier


Renewable Natural Resources

Renewable Natural Resources 3018, Ecology and Management of Louisiana Wildlife, Phillip Stouffer

Renewable Natural Resources 3108, Case Studies in Habitat Restoration, John Andrew Nyman


Social Work

Social Work 4070, International Health and Mental Health Care in Belize, Margo Abadie

Social Work 7801, Family Violence, Catherine Lemieux

Social Work 7807, Social Work with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People, Elaine Maccio



Sociology 4431, Sociology of Education, Mark J. Schafer



Spanish 2156, Advanced Oral Communication, Andrea Morris

Spanish 2156, Advanced Oral Communication, Margaret Parker



Theatre 3025, Advanced Acting, Jane Brody

Theatre 4029, Special Topics in Stage Movement, Nick Erickson


Women's and Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies 3600, Women, Gender, and Leadership, Rita Culross 


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