Flood Mini Grants for Service-Learning


To help meet needs of your service-learning partnership as you work together to address flood-related issues, we are awarding one-time service-learning mini-grants of up to $300. Applications are due by October 15, 2016, (though the sooner you submit, the better chance you have of being funded) and can be found HERE. Funds must be used in conjunction with a designated service-learning course. For questions, contact the office at ccell@lsu.edu.


Grants awarded:


Amy Fannin

Through CMST 4113 (Communication and Leadership in Teams), Professor Amy  Fannin hopes to partner with the LSU Food Pantry to mitigate the post-flood growing pains. Due to donations following the Baton Rouge flooding, the LSU Food Pantry has grown significantly but currently has few resources to support this growth. Students in CMST 4113 will host food drives and partner with other student organizations in order to increase the on-campus visibility of the Food Pantry. Dr. Fannin also hopes to acquire can dispensers to increase the efficiency and organization of the food pantry.


Julia Ledet

Service Learning instructors in the Math Department, Dr. Julia Ledet, Dr. Michael Muffaletto, and GA Joshua Fallon have teamed up to help Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) recuperate following the flooding. Math courses 1100 and 2203 have previously partnered with VIPS through service learning and after hearing about the inundation of their main office, these professors decided to act. The Math Department hopes to provide necessities for the VIPS program such as name tags, paper, and math manipulatives used while tutoring.


Laurie Drummond

Laurie Drummond hopes to help Companion Animal Alliance (CAA) by purchasing some much-needed grooming supplies. Drummond’s English 2000 classes have volunteered with CAA in the past, but this year because of the flooding, there is a much greater need. There are currently over 600 animals in CAA’s 350-kennel facility, many with matted, un-kept hair and overgrown nails. Through this grant, the English 2000 classes would be able to purchase supplies to help groom many of these animals, preventing the spread of illness and helping them find a home.


(updated 10/3/2016)