Apply for the Engaged Research Scholars Program

Apply for the Engaged Research Scholars Program

CCELL is seeking applications from LSU faculty for the inaugural Community Engaged Research Scholars Program, which will be held over the 2014-2015 academic year. This program is intended for faculty with a solid understanding of community engagement and will be offered every other year, in rotation with the Service-Learning Faculty Scholars Program that instructs faculty on integrating service-learning into their courses. Applications are due Sept. 8. 

Faculty who are selected for the program will identify an item of engaged scholarship they wish to develop and finalize for dissemination during the 2014-2015 academic year.  Engaged scholarship is “research in any field that partners university scholarly resources with those in the public and private sectors to enrich knowledge, address and help solve critical societal issues, and contribute to the public good” (Stanton, 2008). Engaged research questions at all stages of development (idea conception, experimental design, data collection and analysis, synthesis of results, and dissemination) are welcome. Throughout the year, participants will meet as a group monthly to discuss topics related to engaged scholarship, including collaborating with community partners, identifying venues for publication, and framing work for career advancement, such as tenure and promotion.

Scholars will be expected to provide regular progress updates and follow a plan to ensure the project’s completion by September 1, 2015. A $1,500 stipend will be distributed to scholars when they complete the Scholars program and submit a written scholarly product for publication.


Full-time faculty at the rank of instructor or above are eligible. Questions may be addressed to CCELL Director Marybeth Lima at


Stanton, T. K. (2008). New times demand a new scholarship. Opportunities and challenges for civic engagement at research universities. Education, Citizenship and Social Justice, 3, 19-42.