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Version History

Version 1.0 / June 1, 1994
This was the first version of the tutorial, as written for a 2 day workshop for faculty at South Mountain Community College, and included lessons 1-8.
Version 1.1 / July 1, 1994
Based on the surveys from our June workshop, we updated several the exercises to make the descriptions more clear. First version placed on our WWW server. Although the files are the same for different platforms, we made seperate download-able archives for Macintosh and DOS formats (difference in how DOS and Mac systems differ in the use of carriage returns in the text files)
Version 1.2 / November 15, 1994
Links to external sites were verified and updated. Directions were re-written to take into account the increasing number of different WWW browsers, each of which may have commands under different menus. Navigation links between lessons were moved to the top of the page.
Version 1.3 / December 15, 1994
New lessons added for Named Anchors (8d); Preformatted Text (9); Special Character Sets (10); and Descriptive Lists (11). Information on using the ALT keyword in the <IMG> tag was added to lesson 7a, "Inline Graphics".
Version 1.3.1 / February 7, 1995
Typos fixed as well as inconsistencies in the sample lessons, with thanks to Robin Wright.
Version 1.4 / May 1995
Removed directions specific to NCSA Mosaic, new logo. Several links to external sites were updated.
Version 1.41 / June 1995
Removed use of the underline <u> tags which were once supported by NCSA Mosaic. Added lesson 12 for using the mailto: link and the <address> tag.
Version 1.5 / August 1995
Re-writes for improved directions and fixed the many typos (thanks to Jennifer Adamson). Minor cosmetic changes. Added <br> tag to lesson 2. Until we write some new lessons, provide links to sites for HTML 3.0, CGI, Image Maps.
Version 1.6 / September 1995
Plans for new lessons on HTML 3.0 (tables, font size, backgrounds, <hr> and <img> modifiers, centering...)

Writing HTML Version History
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