Training for Employees (Employee as Self)


Introduction to Workday  (Video) updated 3/09/17

Employee Direct Access  (Video) updated 3/09/17


Change Email Preferences (PDF) updated 6/23/16
Icon Glossary (PDF) updated 5/16/16
Identify Your Place in the Organization (PDF) updated 2/10/16
Initiating a Workday Security Access Request (PDF) updated 6/29/16
About Me (PDF) updated 6/28/16
View and Change Home and Emergency Contact (PDF) updated 6/28/16
Change Preferred Name (PDF) updated 6/28/16
Setting Up the Mobile App (PDF) updated 6/27/16
Sitemap (PDF) updated 6/30/16
Inbox Filter (PDF) updated 6/30/16
Personalizing Home Page (PDF) added 11/21/16


Cancelling Life Insurance or Long-Term Disability (PDF) updated 7/29/16
Change Benefits (PDF) updated 4/7/16
Manage Beneficiary (PDF) updated 5/5/16
Manage Dependents (PDF) updated 4/28/16
Open Enrollment (PDF) updated 10/3/16


Delegation by a Delegatee (PDF) updated 7/3/16
Delegation Policy (PDF
Delegation Job Aid (PDF) updated 9/8/16
Delegation FAQs (PDF) updated12/8/16

Effort and Leave Certification

Certifying Effort as an Employee (PDF) updated 12/13/16
Navigating and Reviewing Effort Certifications (Video) updated 7/11/16

Enter Time

Enter Time (PDF updated 5/2/16Video updated 11/8/16)
Enter Time - Transient & WAE (PDF) updated 6/22/16
Correct Time (PDF) updated 6/22/16


Create Expense Report: Employee Reimbursement (PDF) updated 5/11/16
Create Expense Report: Travel Expenses- LaCarte and Personal Funds (PDF) updated 5/17/16
Create Spend Authorization (PDF) updated 9/20/16
Transition to Workday: Faculty Training Handout (PDF) updated 9/21/16
Transition to Workday: Faculty Training Presentation (PDF) updated 9/21/16

Get Help

Submit Service Now Incident (PDFupdated 8/4/16


New Hire Onboarding (PDF) updated 6/14/16
New Hire Onboarding - WAEs and Transients (PDF) updated 6/24/16


Workday's Pay worklet enables you to view and modify your payment elections including the accounts you use for direct deposit, your payroll deductions, and tax withholdings.

In an effort to protect LSU employees and students from phishing attacks, LSU will dismantle the electronic payment elections. In order to make changes to bank accounts, employees will be required to submit paper forms to the Payroll Office. The payment election changes can be requested with form AS35, Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposits, which can be found at the following web address:

View and Print Payslip (PDF) updated 5/2/16
View and Print Multiple Payslips (PDF) added 3/10/16
Withholding Elections (PDF) updated 5/2/16

Performance Management

Planning Document for Employee (PDF) updated 6/22/16
Midyear Performance Review Document for Employee (PDF) added 11/30/16


Finance Reports by Functional Area (Excel) added 1/17/17
Running the Security Access Report (PDF) updated 7/3/16

Time Off

Correct Submitted Time Off Request (PDF) updated 6/22/16
Request Leave of Absence (PDF) updated 6/30/16
Request Time Off (PDF updated 6/22/16 |  Video updated 5/6/16)
View Time Off Balance (PDF) updated 5/2/16

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