2016 Summer Scholar Projects


Projects Sponsored by NIH

Name Mentor Class School Project Title
Kelly Jeffers Behnke 2019 LSU Tagging and localization analysis of a developmentally regulated T. gondii TgFAM gene
Jessie Hargis Mathis 2018 LSU Novel microRNA based therapeutic approach to suppress breast cancer tumor growth
Philip Stelly Guerrero-Plata 2019 LSU Mechanisms of regulation of the innate immune response by a Paramyxovirus infection
Kelsie Stovall Cheng 2018 LSU Regulation of dental pulp stem cell differentiation by transient receptor potential Melastatin 4 and 7 channels
Derecka Alexander Langohr and Machada 2018 LSU Comparison of immunocytochemistry for Leishmania on lymph node and bone marrow aspirates in dogs from an endemic region of visceral leishmaniasis
Elsie Phillips Jeyaseelan 2019 LSU Role of lung mesenchymal stem cells in bacterial pneumonia
Carolyn Croughan Johnson 2018 LSU Assessing Mental Health and Identifying Major Stressors amond Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine Alumni
Kristine Frady Martinez 2018 LSU Characterization of the pathogenic potential among different species in the spotted rickettsial group
Janna Hunt Stephens 2018 Tuskegee Characterize the STATS adipocyte in knockout mice


Projects Supported by Merial

Name Mentor Class School Project Title
Kayla Smith Kleinow and Cremer 2019 LSU Tricaine methane sulfonate (MS-222) anesthesia in fishes: Clinical and mechanistic interrelationships to temperature
Ashley Cleveland Schachner 2019 LSU Anatomy of the lower respiratory system of the African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus erithacus)
Travis Miller Andrews 2018 Tuskegee Evaluation of a supplement for lameness in horses
Connor Tageant Miller 2019 LSU Vaccination of small ruminants against Haemonchus contortus using fecal antigens


Project Supported by the Kenneth F. Burns Trust

Name Mentor Class School Project Title
Alexis Allen Kappen 2019 LSU

Quantification of mesodermal cell migration in explant cell culture of Non-obese diabetic mouse strain embryos

Holly Lamb Adams 2018 LSU

Evaluation of the roles of plasmin and CCL20 on nerve damage in an inflammatory Mycobacterium Leprae infection model

Carolyn Blank Granger and Gaschen 2019 LSU

Variation in bronchial diameter during respiration and cough in healthy and malacic dogs

Emily Courville Lee 2019 LSU

Visual stimulation during early development: Effects on perineuronal net development in a mouse model of autism

Kristen Ballard Boudreaux, Langohr, Roy, Strother 2018 LSU

Detecting circulating DNA in dogs with mast cell tumors

Currie Carothers Penn 2019 LSU

Respiratory responses to short-term exposure to second hand smoke in a guinea pig asthma model

Colin Chu Dugas 2018 LSU

In-Vitro endothelial cell wound healing under laminar shear stress in response to polyphenols Resveratrol and Quercetin

Amber Moses McNulty 2019 LSU

Evaluation of periarticular bone secondary to surgically-induced osteoarthritis in chikungunya infected and naive mice

Mary Kate Bollman Yao 2019 LSU

Application of addictive manufacturing technology and stem cell recruitment for improvement of osseointegration on bone implants


Projects Supported by the SVM and Mentors

Name Mentor Class School Project Title
Rebecca Aust Dean Baines 2019 LSU The Role of CDK 9 protein in transcription of Herpes Simplex Virus I
Melena Hagstrom Macaluso 2019 Iowa Vertical non-transovarial transmission of Rickettsia felis in the hematophagous arthropod, Ctenocephalides felis
Kelsey Koenig Andrews 2018 LSU Effect of an oral supplement containing curcumin extract on gastric ulcer scores and gastric juice pH in horses
Rachel Taupier Miller 2019 LSU Evaluation of the effect of Bedoukian compound X at different concentrations on gastrointestinal nematode development in sheep
Peyton Hughes Lopez 2019 LSU Generation of fnctional B Islet cells from feline adipose-derived multipotent stromal cells
Richard Smith Chowdhury 2018 LSU Vaccine efficacy study of a BHV-1 nectored BVDV Type 1 subunit vaccine in calves
Morgan Rash Aulakh 2018 LSU The effect of cryopreservation on the size of the canine menisci
Jenna Charles Acierno 2019 LSU Comparison of blood pressure measurements of dogs obtained with an oscillometric cuff examined in a veterinary clinic versus a home setting
Karen Ramirez Nevarez 2019 LSU Establishing baseline EEG parameters for amphibians and reptiles
Joseph Kamper Mirza 2019 LSU A Comparative Study of Sonographically Measured Adipose Tissue to Surgically Harvested Volume