Construction Zone

Areas of the LSU SVM that are under repair or construction:

Location Project Name Comments
AHU 4 Replace air handler Scheduled for December 2015
AHU 8 Replace air handler Scheduled for December 2015
Anatomy Lab Acoustical Renovation Scheduled for August 2015
Courtyard Halls Rehang Student Pictures Scheduled week of July 27
Freight Dock Area Repairs/Renovation Repair concrete, fill in hole Design complete - on hold
I-131 Dog Isolation Create a space Waiting on VTH Space Committee approval
Junior Surgery Door removal On hold until students on break
LADDL Necropsy table installation Installation documents received; need to obtain a contract
LADDL DI Water Loop In design
LADDL Roof Exhaust - BSL3 Schedule week of August 17
Large Animal Hospital Corridor Floor Grit Getting revised quote
Large Animal Hospital Stalls 34 and 47 gates In purchasing
Large Animal Hospital Surgery Recovery floor/wall/crane Waiting on funding
Large Animal Hospital Upgrade ventilation Waiting on funding
Lobby / Main Corridor Space Update Planning stage
Office Move  Move Advancement Group  
Office Move  Dr. Grainger move to 1839  
Office Move Dr. Welborn move to 1837  Room renovation in progress
Oncology  New RT Vault Architectural design
Room 1203  Bathroom Repair/Remodel  In architectural design; Summer 2016 project
Room 1502  Replace torn carpet  To be scheduled
Room 1644 Tub room In progress
Room 1652  Bandage Room   Planning stage
Room 1658  Dental Room  Planning stage
 Room 1847  Faculty Offices Contract awarded; work begins in September
Room 1902 Farm Animal Tilt Table on hold
Room 2106  Remove interior wall, install cubicles In progress
 Room 2503, 2543A, 2543B  Lab Renovation  In the planning stage
 Room 2518 Office Update To be scheduled
 Room 2524  Office Update To be scheduled
 Room 3108 Office update/cubicle In progress
 Room 3309  Office Update - Benhke  Furniture on order
 Room 3509 Office Update - Hanson  Waiting on approval documents
 SA Receiving Area  SA Primary Care Renovation  Out for bid
 Small Animal Receiving  Prepare for PC Renovation In progress
Steam Leak - Vet Med Annex  Replace insulation on steam line from boiler to Vet Med Annex  To be scheduled (campus)