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Board of Supervisors, General Information

LSU Re-organization: Goals

11/09/2012 12:05 PM

Board of Supervisors Guiding Goals and Principles for Realigning and Reorganizing Louisiana State University into a Globally Competitive Statewide Flagship Institution.

  • The ultimate goal is a single, statewide globally competitive Louisiana State University that develops a national and international reputation. Any proposed structural, organizational and administrative changes must focus on achieving measurable transformational improvements in instruction, research, economic development, health care delivery and public service activities. There should be a single regional accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The organizational structure should facilitate national reporting of institutional data on a consolidated basis.

  • Student experiences should be improved by implementing curricula with a common course numbering system. There should be a single application form for all campuses with opportunities for students to indicate preferences. Distance education opportunities should be expanded to take advantage of renowned faculty from top departments and leading programs from any and all of the LSU locations. New academic and graduate programs should be implemented to meet regional educational needs.

  • Collaborative faculty research opportunities should be enhanced and administrative barriers in grant application must be removed. Innovative, entrepreneurial inter-disciplinary activities should be encouraged and enabled.

  • Unnecessarily duplicative and/or competing administrative functions should be eliminated or consolidated. Uniform platforms and policies should be developed where efficiencies and effectiveness of such changes can be clearly documented not to impede flexibility or introduce unnecessary bureaucratic approvals.

  • The administrative structure should be relatively flat, smooth, and consistent as well as provide and promote interactions among units. Responsibility for academic and administrative decisions and authority for implementing such decisions should be placed at the lowest possible organizational level in order to achieve maximum productivity, flexibility and accountability.

  • The transition to the "One LSU" model should be accomplished in an orderly and deliberative manner but as expeditiously as prudently possible.