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LSU’s Craig Colten Addresses Emergency Managers in New Zealand

03/06/2014 02:33 PM

BATON ROUGE – Craig Colten, the Carl O. Sauer Professor of Geography, represented LSU at the New Zealand Emergency Management and Business Resilience Summit in Wellington on Wednesday, Feb. 26. He was invited to present a featured plenary lecture titled “Lessons Learnt in New Orleans.”

His presentation reviewed the lessons learned following Hurricane Besty in 1965 that were not sustained over the following four decades. The loss of resilience contributed to the disaster that occurred in 2005. Despite assertions that New Orleans has become a resilient city since Katrina, Colten argues that “resilience does not have an indefinite shelf life … one of our most pressing needs is to sustain resilience during the intervals between disasters.”

The conference theme was resilience and emergency planning for business.  For two days, business leaders, emergency management professionals, community leaders, and media professional examined a host of case studies, deliberated strategies for building resilience, and methods to coordinate response and recovery.

Colten earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in geography from LSU and a doctorate from Syracuse University. In addition to research, he has taken part in consulting projects and presentations in Europe, Latin America and Canada.

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