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Lab School Faculty Member Named Louisiana Art Educator of the Year

10/14/2013 03:51 PM

BATON ROUGE – LSU University Laboratory School art teacher Nancy Von Brock was named the 2014 Louisiana Art Educator of the Year by the Louisiana Art Education Association, or LAEA.

Von Brock will officially receive the award at the LAEA 2013 Fall Conference in New Orleans and her national recognition at the National Art Education Association National Conference in San Diego in March 2014. She served as the president of LAEA for two years and president-elect for two more years. During that time, she also chaired the organization’s Fall Conference in Baton Rouge.

“Through Nancy’s leadership, we have become better prepared in delivering art education to all Louisiana students and ever more committed to art education and its effect on our lives,” said Denise Tullier Holly, President of LAEA. “She is so deserving of this award.”

Von Brock is an LSU alumna and has been working at the Lab School has worked at the Lab School for 20 years. She received her MFA from LSU in 1979 and is an LSU Lab School alumna. She has multi-generational ties to the CHSE. Her father, Robert Von Brock, was a tenured professor on the faculty of the School of Education from 1963 until his retirement in 1984.

The LAEA is a professional organization and an affiliate of the National Art Education Association. LAEA is organized to include state officers, a council, an executive board, regional vice presidents, chairpersons, support chairpersons, affiliated groups and student chapter representatives. The council consists of the president, president-elect, appointed officers, the division representatives, regional vice presidents and support chairs. It is the mission of LAEA to promote art education through professional development, service, leadership and advocacy.

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