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LSU Lab School Partners With BRAC to Advance Talent Development Efforts Amongst Alumni

12/21/2012 09:52 AM

BATON ROUGE – The Baton Rouge Area Chamber, or BRAC, and the LSU Laboratory School today announced that they have agreed to a memorandum of understanding that will facilitate the promotion of BRAC’s talent development program among Lab School alumni.

The agreement states that BRAC will partner with the Laboratory School at events to promote the region and employment activities within it. In turn, BRAC will work to identify career opportunities for out-of-region Laboratory School graduates and provide the resumes of alumni members interested in returning to the Baton Rouge area to companies with open positions. The agreement’s goal is to grow the number of resumes included in BRAC’s talent database.

“The Laboratory School’s motto is ‘total effort in every endeavor’,” said Wade Smith, superintendent of the LSU Laboratory School. “Partnering with BRAC to advance talent development efforts among University High alumni certainly enhances our program initiatives and commitment to serve our alumni to the best of our ability.  As we plan to embark on the Laboratory School’s 100th anniversary, we look forward to assisting outstanding alumni that desire to return home to our great city and cub community.”

“Having access to talent is crucial for businesses in the region to be successful,” said Adam Knapp, president and CEO of BRAC. “Through partnerships like the one recently signed with Lab School, we are able to build a diverse talent database that not only helps regional businesses access talented individuals, but helps get the region’s talented alumni home. We look forward to working with the Lab School to strengthen the region.”

BRAC is currently building a diverse talent database that can be accessed when regional companies are searching for candidates for hard-to-fill positions. Those interested in being a part of the database can find more information on the “call for resumes” and confidentially submit a resume at

The talent development program is a core program of BRAC’s five-year strategic plan, “The Creative Capital Agenda.” The multi-faceted program is designed to address a major concern identified by BRAC’s economic development prospects and investors and is dedicated to retaining and attracting talented professionals to the Baton Rouge area. Over the next few years, BRAC will be implementing a number of strategies aimed at increasing the region’s talent level with initiatives focused on college graduate retention, candidate attraction and newly relocated employee assimilation.

The LSU Laboratory School was established by the College of Human Sciences & Education at LSU and has operated under its auspices for nearly 100 years. This coeducational school exists as an independent system to provide training opportunities for pre- and in-service teachers and to serve as a demonstration and educational research center. The Lab School prides itself on the rigorous academic environment that facilitates student achievement from kindergarten through 12th grade. The school has been recognized as a school of academic distinction and is proud to be the first International Baccalaureate Diploma Program School in the state of Louisiana. It is one of the finest college preparatory curriculums in the world, taught in 2,400 schools in 126 countries. Approximately 80 percent of Lab School students take at least one IB course.

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber leads economic development in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area, the Creative Capital of the South.” Serving as the voice of the business community, BRAC’s investors includes more than 1,200 organizations whose employees represent over a third of the workforce.

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