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LSU Food Science Student Wins Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists’ Ph.D. Scholarship Award

06/12/2012 10:40 AM

BATON ROUGE – Luis Espinoza, a doctoral student in the LSU Department of Food Science, was recently named the winner of the Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists’ Ph. D. scholarship for the 2012-13 academic year. Espinoza was the only candidate to be awarded the prestigious $2,000 scholarship.


The scholarship is presented annually to a graduate student in a doctoral program studying food science, food engineering or applied microbiology as it relates to food preservation.


Espinoza’s doctoral study involves applying steam-venting packaging technology for inactivating food-borne pathogens in frozen oysters. He has also been involved in evaluating the effects of energy removal rate during freezing on the quality of seafood, and is very active in demonstrating food packaging and non-thermal and thermal processes which are capable of inactivating microbial loads in food while maintaining food quality. He also demonstrates pilot plant equipment operations to his fellow graduate students in the Department of Food Science.  


“Luis has also assisted me in conducting pilot plant workshops for Louisiana food processors,” said Subramaniam Sathivel, an associate professor of food engineering in the LSU Department of Food Science and the LSU Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering. “I thank his Ph.D. study committee members –David Bankston, Marlene Janes, Joan King, Paul Wilson and Steve Hall – for their support of Luis’s professional development.”

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