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Stephenson Disaster Management Institute Announces Center for Business Preparedness

04/20/2012 11:28 AM

BATON ROUGE – The Stephenson Disaster Management Institute, or SDMI, has launched the newly established Center for Business Preparedness. Located at LSU, the Center for Business Preparedness was created by SDMI to bridge the gap between academic research and business continuity.


The Center for Business Preparedness is dedicated to creating a cultural shift in the value of preparedness by creating a central point of collaboration for research, knowledge sharing and outreach to address challenges to small businesses, while working to enhance and evolve private sector resilience.


“The Center for Business Preparedness is a great innovation and is expected to significantly improve not only business resiliency, but societal resiliency,” said Joseph Booth, executive director of SDMI.  “Building on the recognition of the complex web of interdependencies between the private and public sectors, the center is positioned to provide the business case for preparedness and support continuity planning. The center’s strength will be the collaborative efforts of the various partners that will comprise the center membership.”


SDMI recently unveiled the center at the Continuity Insights Management Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., on April 16. The Continuity Insights Management Conference is the premier event for strategic business continuity discussion, offering unmatched opportunities to learn from and network with those responsible for the integrity, availability, resilience and security of their organizations.


Bob Nakao, executive publisher of Continuity Insights Magazine, has been an advocate and partner of the center since its creation.


“We congratulate the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute on the opening of its Center for Business Preparedness and look forward to collaborating on projects that promote organizational resilience,” said Nakao. “Our shared purpose is to raise awareness, educate and broaden strategic discussion within the emergency preparedness community, amongst business continuity professionals, and throughout the public and private sectors.”


The center is actively seeking to partner with organizations of all sizes including private sector businesses, government agencies, NGOs, knowledgeable individuals and other academic institutions. The centers current partners include DHS; FEMA; the Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute, or HIS; American Red Cross; the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, or GOHSEP; and the Disaster Recovery Institute, or DRI.


“It makes perfect sense for DRI International to partner with the Center for Business Preparedness,” said DRI International President Alan Berman. “As the world leader in business continuity education and certification, DRI International shares many goals with the center, including advancing research and applying proven techniques to preparedness, response and recovery. We understand the community nature of crises and the importance of collaboration and connections. We see a kindred spirit in the Center for Business Preparedness and look forward to working together to accomplish great things.”


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The Stephenson Disaster Management Institute, part of the Stephenson National Center for Security Research and Training, was established to help save the lives of people and animals by continuously improving disaster response management through research and education. Vision and a generous donation by LSU alumni Emmet and Toni Stephenson were responsible for the creation of the institute in 2007.


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