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LSU School of Art Students Win Awards for Undergraduate Student Union Art Show

04/18/2012 02:51 PM

BATON ROUGE – Students in the LSU School of Art won several awards at the recent Student Union Art Gallery’s undergraduate student art show.


Jonathan Wagner, a ceramics major, took first place for his sculptures, “Rattle” and “Twins.” The former is a rattle made with a baby's head, while he latter is of conjoined twins connected at the sides, sharing two arms and three legs with two heads.


“’Rattle’ and ‘Twins’ are lost toys in a sense, beloved but forgotten in a treasure trove or curio,” Wagner said. “I have always been interested in how the body mutates into making such beautiful oddities.”


Andy Thompson, a sophomore majoring in digital arts, took second place for his entry, an animated piece titled, “Escapism.” In the piece, Thompson said that he attempted to “explore auditory stimuli and contextualize my interpretation through 3-D animation, but allow the viewer to develop his or her own interpretation of the piece.”


Juan Baldera, a first-year student entering the digital art concentration, took third place for his untitled painting of a solitary bull on a field of white. The theme, he said, is about being alone.


“The part that we show others and the parts that we glean from others are only a fraction of what defines us,” Baldera said. “Nobody knows our ‘heart of hearts,’ and therefore we go through it all – everything – by ourselves.”


Baldera also won the popular vote for his painting, “The Tree That Grows Crooked Will Never Straighten Its Trunk.” The painting’s title comes from a Mexican saying that Baldera’s mother would tell him just before he was disciplined.


“She said that I was her little tree, and that she needed to straighten me out when I was young, because it would be too late as I grew older,” he said.


Honorable Mention awards went to works by Kelsey Cook, Trevor Godbolt, Elizabeth “Duncan” Raster, James Packard, Andy Thompson, Wade Tullier and H. Cole Wiley. Kelsey Cook also received a Co-Op Bookstore gift certificate.

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