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Forbes Magazine Gives Praise to LSU Football Impact

12/23/2011 11:52 AM

BATON ROUGE – Two stories this week on Forbes Magazine’s online site have rated LSU among the nation’s best in rankings of the business of college football.


LSU is the only school in the country ranked on both Forbes’ lists of “most valuable teams” and “best teams for the money.”


Not mentioned in the stories is the fact that LSU uses no state tax dollars and takes no student fees to operate its athletics program. A USA Today story cited LSU and Nebraska as the only schools in the nation that took no state aid and gave money back to the academic mission of their universities over a four-year period.


In a story titled “College Football’s Most Valuable Teams,” LSU is ranked atop the Southeastern Conference and No. 4 in the country in a study that evaluates the financial impact of football programs in four distinct areas. The survey puts primary emphasis on a team’s academic value – the revenue directed toward university programs and spending (including football scholarships) – and its athletic value – football revenue used to support other athletic programs. Also considered are the distribution of bowl game revenue among conference teams and the economic impact of visiting fans for each teams’ home games.


The story praises LSU as “a great example of how college football programs generate immense value in surrounding communities.”  According to the story, the existence of LSU football generated nearly $60 million in additional spending in the Baton Rouge area last year.


LSU also receives recognition in a story titled “Best College Football Teams for The Money,” which ranks schools based on the balance of how much they spend on the sport and how successful they are on the field.  


LSU will play Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game on Jan. 9 in New Orleans.

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