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LSU Management’s Daniel Marin Co-Authors Dale Brown’s Book

12/19/2011 12:29 PM

BATON ROUGE – Daniel Marin, an instructor in the LSU Rucks Department of Management, has co-authored a book with former LSU Basketball Coach Dale Brown and Trent Angers of Acadian House Publishing.


Marin helped develop the book, “Getting Over the 4 Hurdles of Life,” which is based on a motivational speech given by Brown, where he discusses four of life’s challenges: others saying “you can’t” do something, past failures or fear of failure, handicaps, and self-knowledge.


“Dale is a very dynamic speaker,” Marin said. “He has numerous videos and presentations in which he has shared great stories and a very convincing message. The trick was transferring his message into a book, which doesn’t consist of a figure speaking at a podium. It’s a whole different ball game.”   
Marin explained that the book was a collaborative effort that started when Angers introduced him to Brown.


“Dale and I met several times and put our ideas together,” Marin said. “We wrote about topics discussed in his speeches, some of his life experiences and also about the stories of several inspirational people – athletes, entertainers, writers and everyday people – who got over the four major hurdles of life.”


After reading the biographies of several inspirational individuals, Marin and Brown were able to find various examples of those who overcame significant challenges in their lives. Some of these individuals include Shaquille O’Neal, Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, Pete Maravich and Steven Spielberg.


“The accomplishments of these individuals exemplify, as Dale says in the book, that a positive vision of life ‘gives us strength and courage; it releases energy and power in us we may not have known we had. It can help lift us over most any obstacle or any hurdle life puts in our path,’” Marin said.


“Getting Over the 4 Hurdles of Life” can be purchased online at


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