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LSU Police Increasing Education and Enforcement of Bicycle Safety

10/17/2011 03:30 PM

BATON ROUGE – Bicycles and bicyclists are a vital part of the LSU community and its function. Keeping them as such should be goal throughout the community and an important part of achieving this is being familiar with the various laws that pertain to bicycles. If people are not, they are strongly encouraged to become familiar with these laws for their safety as well as others.


Due to a recent increase of incidents involving bicycles and bicycle safety on campus, LSU Police Department will be stepping up its educational and enforcement efforts. The goal of this effort is to decrease the number of incidents involving bicycles through awareness, education and enforcement.


For more information, contact Capt. Cory Lalonde with LSU Police at 225-578-3231.


Important Facts and Tips:


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, in 2009:

  • Louisiana was the 8th highest state in the number pedalcyclists fatalities (per million population).
  • Nationwide, 630 pedalcyclist deaths accounted for 2 percent of all traffic fatalities.
  • In traffic crashes nationwide, the average age of pedalcyclists injured was 41, and killed was 31.


For cyclists:

  • A bicycle is considered a vehicle in the eyes of the law.  
  • All bicycles are required to obey all traffic laws just like any another vehicle.  This does include all traffic signals, signs, etc.
  • Sidewalks and crosswalks are for pedestrians, not for bicycles.
  • Use proper hand signals when riding your bike. Not only is it required by law, it is important to let others know what you are doing and will help keep you safe.


For motorists:

  • Remember that by law bicycles have a right to the roads as well.
  • By law you must keep at least three feet of space between you and the bike.
  • It is your responsibility to operate your vehicle safely, just as it is the responsibility of the cyclist.
  • Be respectful and patient.


For more information about bike safety, registration and laws, visit these websites:

LSU Media Relations