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LSU and BRCC Sign “Bears 2 Tigers” Academic Partnership

09/28/2010 02:24 PM

(from left to right) LSU Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Stacia
Haynie, LSU Chancellor Michael Martin, BRCC Chancellor Myrtle E. B.
Dorsey and BRCC Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Bradley Ebersole
sign the "Bears 2 Tigers" academic partnership.


BATON ROUGE – In many degree programs, Baton Rouge Community College students are now able to seamlessly transfer to LSU thanks to the “Bears 2 Tigers” academic partnership signed Sept. 28.

During a ceremony held at BRCC, LSU Chancellor Michael Martin and Baton Rouge Community College Chancellor Myrtle E. B. Dorsey, along with LSU Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Stacia Haynie and BRCC Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Bradley Ebersole, signed the academic partnership between the schools.

“This is truly what those of us who do this every day look forward to,” Martin said. “This is a very natural partnership. It’s a wonderful opportunity for two institutions that have worked together closely for many years to do it better on behalf of the students.”

The “Bears 2 Tigers” agreement will provide greater educational resources for students of the community by creating seamless transfer from BRCC to LSU. Upon completion of BRCC business, science or humanities and social sciences associate degrees, students can be admitted to LSU as juniors in this program, with the goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. This adds to the previously signed LSU/BRCC engineering partnership, “The AS to BS in Engineering Progression Program.”

“Today, Louisiana State University and Baton Rouge Community College come together and create a partnership that will better serve the students of our state,” Dorsey said. “The economics of the day demand that we succeed in our work as educators. The ability to accomplish our mission as institutions of higher learning is critical in the successful creation of tomorrow’s leaders, tomorrow’s workforce and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.”
During the ceremony, both chancellors stressed their commitment to the partnership and to seeing students succeed in higher education in Louisiana.

“We commit to providing the best environment possible for those students who hope to take advantage of the tremendous resources offered at both of our colleges,” Dorsey said. “This agreement will go far beyond simply laying out a curriculum pathway for our students. The students will be provided with advising and other student services as each of our colleges that are specifically designed for those choosing the ‘Bears 2 Tigers’ track. This agreement will ensure that various departments at each of our institutions will be working together with our students to provide opportunities for them to succeed.”

Chancellor Martin said that LSU is committed to students’ success on both ends of the partnership, and as the relationship between the two institutions develops even further, other opportunities will emerge.

“I hear people say, ‘Is this in the best interest of LSU?’ or ‘Is this in the best interest of BRCC?’ The real question is ‘Is this in the best interest of the students we serve?’” Martin said. “If we answer that question correctly, all the other questions are irrelevant … Too often in higher education, we create filters for students, as opposed to ladders. This is a case where we’re providing a ladder.”


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