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LSU Enrollment Increases at Both Undergraduate, Graduate Levels

LSU’s overall fall enrollment stands at 28,771

09/17/2010 01:58 PM

BATON ROUGE – In the midst of the most devastating financial crisis LSU has ever seen, the state’s Flagship University is reporting an increase in enrollment at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, a reflection of its national top-tier status and commitment to quality. LSU’s overall enrollment stands at 28,771, a 3 percent increase from 2009, when enrollment figures recorded 27,992 students.


The 2010 freshman class numbers 5,481, up from 4,789 in 2009, a 14 percent increase.


The freshman class also represents a 45.8 percent increase in African American enrollment, a 31.4 percent increase in Hispanic enrollment and an 11.9 percent increase in Asian enrollment as compared to the freshman class of 2009.


The average ACT score of the freshman class of 2010 is nearly 26, underscoring the fact that the university has not sacrificed quality for quantity as it grows.


“This increase in enrollment at such a financially challenging time shows that citizens of this state recognize the value of obtaining a degree from Louisiana’s flagship university,” LSU Chancellor Michael Martin said.  “In spite of the budget cuts we’ve endured, and the ones we may be facing, students and their parents still realize that LSU represents their best hope for a bright and prosperous future.”


Overall undergraduate enrollment increased from 23,017 in 2009 to 23,686 in 2010, an increase of 3 percent and a difference of 669 students. Graduate School enrollment increased from 4,614 in 2009 to 4,710 in 2010, a 2 percent increase and a difference of 96 students.  In addition, professional school enrollment increased from 361 in 2009 to 375 in 2010, a 4 percent increase and a difference of 14 students.  Students enrolled in the School of Veterinary Medicine are categorized as either ‘professional’ or ‘graduate’ students, depending upon the degree they are earning.  


The enrollment report demonstrates that even during financially lean times, LSU has continued to deliver performance-driven results. In August 2010, LSU was named for the third consecutive year to the U.S. News & World Report’s list of top-tier universities, achieving a major goal set by the Flagship Agenda. The university has maintained this positive trend through continued excellence and a dedication to providing a nationally competitive education to Louisiana’s students.


However, recent budget cuts totaling $42 million, coupled with the projected 2011-2012 budget cuts of as much as $62 million dollars, including the loss of nearly 700 jobs, half of which constitute faculty positions, make it unlikely that the university will be able to continue the trend of increased enrollment in the future without state support. Both LSU’s Chancellor Martin and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost John M. Hamilton have stressed that these cuts would not just be quantitative, resulting in fewer course offerings and services for students, but they would also be qualitative, ending in a much lower quality education for citizens of this state.


“The good news is that the best and brightest students in Louisiana and surrounding states are choosing LSU for their future,” said Hamilton. “We have a covenant with these students that we will provide them with a high quality education and we are going to fight for the budget resources to keep that covenant with them.”


The full 2010 enrollment report is posted on LSU’s Office of Budget and Planning website,


For more information about the budget cuts LSU is facing, please visit

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