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June 12, 2013

06/12/2013 12:00 AM

Higher education gets raw deal
Monroe News-Star
… we are funding Louisiana higher education at the lowest level since the 1950s. This tells me Gov. Bobby Jindal and legislators are deliberately killing LSU and other state universities. I cannot interpret the budget otherwise. ...


LSU’s Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment interactive website system provides critical data during hurricanes
Drawing on the resources of LSU’s Center for Computation & Technology, or CCT, scientists at the LSU School of the Coast & Environment have developed the Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment, or CERA, interactive website system …


Sea Serpent Sighting in Gulf Of Mexico: Scientists Film Rare Oarfish 200 Feet Below Ocean Surface
International Science Times
The video, shot in the Gulf of Mexico as part of Louisiana State University's Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, was captured by a remotely operated vehicle. …


Sea serpent? Video shows 26-foot-long, deep-sea oarfish
Fox News
One video, taken by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) in August 2011, is the longest, best-quality video captured to date, said Mark Benfield, a researcher at Louisiana State University and part of a team that made the video of the oarfish. ...


LSU's APR mostly positive
The Advocate
LSU's athletic department received its annual report card — of sorts — from the NCAA on Tuesday. The news handed down with the annual release Academic Progress Report data was mostly positive, too. ...


LSU sports teams safely above NCAA's Aacademic Progress Rates cutoff
New Orleans Times-Picayune
All 20 LSU sports stayed above the cutoff point of 900 in the NCAA annual Academic Progress Rates (APR) report released by the NCAA this week. Twelve LSU teams scored 980 or above, including women's cross country with a perfect score of 1000 …