A Message from the Executive Director



One of the important missions of University College is to assist students in defining their educational goals in the early semesters of their academic career at LSU. Ideally, we encourage students to develop an understanding of why they are in college and to embrace the broad purpose of higher education. Students are advised to engage themselves with programs and resources throughout the campus to discover their personal strengths and interests. The goal is to confirm the choice of major they initially selected upon admission to the university, but also to have the flexibility to explore new options and opportunities that might lead them in a new direction.

Along the way, with the help of academic advisers and other resources offered within our programs, students should be able to make informed decisions about their futures. Likewise, the college experience poses challenges and opportunities. Our team is here to guide and nurture our students’ growth during these early stages of the college experience.

As executive director, I look forward to continuing our efforts that reflect positively on our college and the university.


R. Paul Ivey 

Executive Director
University College