Welcome Tigers!

MelissaYou are about to take part in one of the most unique college experiences in the country.  LSU has a beautiful campus, inspiring traditions, and staff dedicated to your success. We want your experience here to be transformative.

As a Research Tier I university, LSU is academically rigorous. Take advantage of the breadth of support resources to help you succeed in your education, including Supplemental Instruction, Tutoring, Academic Coaching, and Disability Services.

We welcome you to our Tiger Family, and we look forward to seeing you engaged in the exciting events, programs and with helpful organizations including: FYE, Campus Life, and the Olinde Career Center

Be the best “you” you can be! Practice healthy behaviors and take advantage of the Student Health Center and University Recreation.

You are in a new league now, with different expectations, and understanding these expectations will make a huge difference in your success.  So when you need help or have a question, ask it as soon as possible. #AskFYE.

We are here for your success and can’t wait to meet you!


Melissa B. Brocato
LSU Student Success, Assistant Vice President