LSU Announces Department of Student Success


LSU recently approved the formation of LSU Student Success, a department within the Division of Student Affairs consolidating both the Center for Academic Success (CAS) and First Year Experience (FYE), effective melissa

“Student Success will lead retention-focused initiatives to empower our students with resources and services supporting timely graduation and lifelong success,” said Kurt Keppler, vice president of student affairs. “This unit will foster greater collaboration among academic colleges and student services supporting the success of our students.”

Melissa Brocato, director of CAS with more than 20 years of leadership in the area of student success nationally and at LSU, will serve as assistant vice president for Student Success.  The department will be headquartered in Coates Hall, with a satellite office in Johnston Hall, and tutorial center in Middleton Library.

“This new unit will allow the university to strategically streamline resources and programming dedicated to increasing the retention, graduation, and overall success of students,” said Keppler.

LSU Student Success will provide students, staff and faculty with meaningful resources for student success in line with the university’s mission and strategic plan.