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We're grateful to the many donors and supporters whose gifts help fund award-winning, high-impact programs to enhance student success inside and outside the classroom. 

Jeffrey Wale

"Out of the many great experiences I had at LSU, from tailgating to lazy days in the Quad, the best I had by far was my involvement in Student Government.  I instantly made new friends and met many fellow Tigers who were as dedicated to making LSU a better place as I was.  We all had school spirit and translated that energy into leadership and service.  The skills I developed in Student Government prepared me for involvement in the Student Bar Association at LSU Law and my current career in government.  

While I enjoyed my time serving in Student Government, unfortunately, many of our greatest ideas required funding we didn't have.  We either had to raise funds in a unique way or let our ideas fall behind.  When I heard Student Life started an alumni program, I was eager to learn more.  I didn't think I was the 'donating money' type (I hadn't even had my job for a year yet!), but I found out that any size donation was welcome. 

I was excited to learn that I could dedicate my donated funds to a specific area of Student Life like Student Government.  I never want current students to be told their ideas aren't worthy of investment.  I knew mine were when I was a student, and I trust this generation of Tigers to be just as bright and dedicated.  I look forward to helping my alma mater as much as I can in the future. 

Geaux Tigers!" 

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