Graduate Assistants

Welcome to the LSU Division of Student Affairs.

 We envision creating an environment that fosters student success and enhances the mission of LSU.

Our division's mission is to recruit, engage, retain, and graduate a diverse student population for success at LSU and beyond.  We enhance learning by fostering critical thinking and ethical responsibility to create a university experience that transforms lives. 


  • Character - Advocate for what is right, even if contrary to conventional wisdom. Exhibit the confidence and tenacity to make bold decisions despite challenges or difficulties, and accept responsibility for associated outcomes.
  • Collaboration - Work together to build partnerships to achieve common goals.
  • Community - Commit to working with diverse populations while promoting the interests of all individuals.  
  • Ethics - Cultivate mutual respect, openness, and truthfulness while balancing the needs of those affected by our actions, and abide by the highest professional standards.
  • Stewardship - Manage resources responsibly and creatively to benefit present and future generations.


  • Discovery - Expand discovery through transformative research and creative activities addressing contemporary and enduring issues that shape the way we live in the world. 
  • Diversity - Strengthen the intellectual environment by broadening the cultural diversity of the LSU Community.   
  • Engagement - Promote engagement of faculty, staff and students to foster an understanding of student development and to transform communities, while advancing knowledge, experience, and implementation of best practices.  
  • Excellence - Use assessment and innovation for the continuous improvement of processes, programs, facilities, and services.
  • Learning - Create opportunities for learning to improve retention and graduation through achievement of student success outcomes.


Graduate assistants are a vital component in the continuing development and implementation of our vision.  Through the integration of academic coursework and practical application, graduate assistants obtain valuable experiences to prepare them for future employment.