Senate Committes

Academic Affairs (AA)

This committee is responsible for all educational matters including academic programs; university faculty (including matters before the Faculty Senate); textbooks; computer-based testing; financial aid; the academic calendar; in-class issues; LSU Libraries (except building hours or maintenance); service-learning courses; and enrollment and admissions.
Vice Chair:  Senator Taylor Stirling
Meeting Time: Monday, 6:00pm
Location: (256F LSU Student Union)

Budget & Appropriations (BA)

This committee is responsible for all Student Government fiscal affairs including the SG Budget Bill; budgetary requirements and procedures; deposit and investment of SG funds; salaries of SG employees; revenue measures for both SG and College Councils; and the allocation of corporate sponsorship funds.

Vice Chair:  Senator Bret Chalpin
Meeting Time: Tuesday, 7:30pm
Location: (256F LSU Student Union)

Campus Affairs & Sustainability (CAS)

This committee is responsible for all matters relating to campus infrastructure including on-campus housing (both Residence Halls and Greek housing); construction, demolition or modification of structures or areas on campus; Facility Services; the university Master Plan; sustainability and conservation; campus parking, traffic and transportation; and safety and lighting.

Vice Chair:  Senator Jack Green
Meeting Time: Monday, 5:00pm
Location: (256F LSU Student Union)


This committee is responsible for all internal matters of the Student Senate including services for Senate members or committees; amendments to any of the Governing Documents; appointment of students to office in SG; the delegation system (jointly with SLDCO); and elections and the Election Board. 

Vice Chair:  Senator Bailey Allmon
Meeting Time: Tuesday, 8:30pm
Location: (256F LSU Student Union)

Student Auxiliaries & Services (SAS)

This committee is responsible for all matters pertaining to student services including athletics (including student ticketing, Tiger Stadium, priority points, and intramural sports); university technology and Information Technology Services (including Moodle, MyLSU and TigerMail); LSU Dining (including Student Union vendors and Chartwells); University Recreation; the Tiger Card and TigerCASH; and student fees.

Vice Chair:  Senator Ahmad E-Rachidi
Meeting Time: Tuesday, 6:00pm
Location: (256F LSU Student Union)

Student Life, Diversity & Community Outreach (SLDCO)

This committee is responsible for all matters pertaining to student life at LSU, including university disciplinary regulations; non-academic issues with the Student Code of Conduct; cultural affairs; diversity; retention; student constitutional rights and civil liberties; government relations; external affairs of SG; volunteer services; student organizations; entertainment events; Free Speech Plaza; First Year Experience; and the SG delegation system (jointly with Rules).

Vice Chair:  Senator Monét LaCour
Meeting Time: Monday, 7:00pm
Location: (256F LSU Student Union)