Request an Accountability Advisor

Let’s talk about Accountability!

Per Section 4.4 of the Code of Student Conduct, a student has the right to have one Advisor of his/her choice present during any Accountability meeting.

Upon request, Student Advocacy & Accountability (SAA) can partner students with an Accountability Advisor to assist them through the accountability process. Accountability Advisors are LSU faculty and staff selected and trained by Student Advocacy & Accountability on the accountability process.  

Advisors can:

  • Help students understand the accountability process and discuss available options
  • Help students prepare for meetings, formulate questions, and gather supporting documentation

Advisors cannot:

  • Act as a spokesperson for the student
  • Directly address the SAA officials, University Hearing Panelists, or Material Observers
  • Serve as a Material Observer and Advisor simulateously