Rights & Responsibilities

A student charged with misconduct shall have the following:


  • To be given notice in writing of the specific charge(s)
  • To be allowed a reasonable time to prepare a defense, normally interpreted to be at least 72 hours
  • To have the charge(s) considered by a hearing panel or to be processed administratively
  • To be given information on the nature of evidence on which the charge(s) are based, including a list of material observers who will testify (provide information) against him/her
  • To petition for a separate hearing before a hearing panel, in the case that multiple students are charged with related violations
  • To retain all rights as a University student while the charges are being considered, and until all rights of appeal have been exhausted
  • To appeal decisions and recommendations of hearing panels to the Dean of Students
  • To request assistance from the Dean of Students in bringing students or University employees of his/her choice to serve as material observers on his/her behalf



  • The Office of the Dean of Students/Student Advocacy & Accountability does not investigate accountability referrals.
  • It is the responsibility of the charged student to bring forth any information in his/her defense that pertains to the alleged violation and, if warranted, to provide a list of witnesses/material observers. If the case is brought before a University Hearing Panel, it is the responsibility of the charged student to attend the scheduled hearing and to inform witnesses/material observers and an advisor of the hearing time.
  • Every effort is made to accommodate academic schedules when setting a hearing date. However, if a time conflict arises, it is the charged student’s responsibility to reschedule with the Student Advocacy & Accountability official in advance.