Greek Ambassadors

The Greek Ambassador program is an outreach program for current Greek members interested in connecting with prospective students, families and alumni. Greek Ambassadors serve as representatives of PHC, IFC, NPHC, GBOD and the Greek Life Office and communicate a comprehensive view of student life at LSU. They educate prospective students and families on various aspects of the Greek community, including leadership, philanthropy, academics and social activities. Greek Ambassadors maintain a high level of professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge of Greek life.

2015-2016 Greek Ambassadors

Elizabeth Borda

Caroline Thriffiley

Mary Catherine Srofe

Gianna Liantonio

Hannah Lampo

Erin Bonfanti

Sarah Treadaway

Adrienne Ourso

Lexi Derise

Katherine Lantier

Daney Glover

Blaine Loupe

Devin Baham

Charles Mock Jr.

Londyn Hill

Emily Newcomb

Matthew Boudreaux

Ellis Rech

Kailyn Kitto