Greek Week 

Greek Week 2018 will be held from April 7-14, 2018

Fraternity Registration will begin March 17 and Sorority Registration will begin March 24

Since partnering with the Baton Rouge chapter of Habitat for Humanity in 2004, the LSU Greek Community has built 24 homes for needy families in the Baton Rouge area. 

This extraordinary community project is accomplished through months of promotion and fundraising by students to make this event come to fruition.

We are proud to announce that the Greek community has raised over $1.8 million for Habitat for Humanity since the partnership began in 2004.

2018 will be our is 14th annual Greek Week and we are looking forward to building our 25th and 26th homes!

Have questions about Greek Week?

Greek Week 2018 Dates

  • March 17-- Fraternity sign ups begin
  • March 24 -- Sorority sign ups begin
  • April 7-- Blessing of the houses at 8:30 am
  • April 14 -- Dedication of the houses at 2:00 pm


Greek Week FAQs

1. Who is the house for? What’s the cause?

We are building the house for families that Habitat for Humanity deemed as a family in need. The cause for Habitat for Humanity is to provide homes for families living in poverty in an effort to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness.


2. Where is the money coming from?

The members of fraternities and sororities are asked to fundraise for the houses by writing letters to friends and family in hopes of donations. Volunteer labor, monetary donations, and construction materials help contribute to building the houses.


3. What do you do when you get there?

Various tasks will be assigned depending on the person’s capabilities and the current stage of the house. We will assist in all areas of construction as needed. The work can range from nailing to painting to moving materials around, etc.


4. Do I have to be Greek to work a shift?

No, LSU students can sign up. But, everyone must take the Greek Week bus to and from the build site and sign up through the LSU website


5. What do I need to bring?

You need to bring a form of photo identification and a positive attitude. Food will be provided.


6. Do I have to stay the whole time of my shift?

Yes, you are required to stay for the entire shift.


7. What do I wear to the build site?

You must wear close toed shoes (no sperrys, crocs or boat shoes) and a shirt with sleeves. No tank tops, which include jerseys, baggy jeans, or inappropriate clothing will be allowed on the work site.  If you have a Greek Week shirt, that would be great! But you don’t need one to come volunteer.


8. Where will the bus be located? Do I have to take it or can I drive?

Busses will load across from the Sigma Nu house. For liability reasons, you are required to take the bus to and from the build site.


9. Can I still come even if I didn’t sign up for a shift?

Unless you signed up for a shift ahead of time, you may not participate in Greek Week.


10.  Can I cancel my shift? What happens if I forget to cancel?

Yes, please cancel your shift at least 24 hours before the shift. However, if you do not cancel your shift and do not show up, your organization will not receive points toward the Greek Week competition.