LSU CAS Spring Tutors Receive CRLA Certification

Pictured L to R: Sean Rhame, Alan Gurt, Bennett Thomas, William Melito, and Delena Vanvalkenburg. Not pictured: Ishan Mahrotra, Tyler Nahhas, and Wenxiu Hu.


     Baton Rouge, La. January 16, 2018 - CAS tutors working in the LSU Shell Tutorial Center completed their           training to become certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).  CRLA certification               recognizes tutors that have completed a minimum of 10 hours pertaining to tutoring best practices, 50 hours       of tutoring and course participation in the subject they are tutoring with an A or  B final grade.  

     With this accomplisment, the tutors have the training they need to support the Center for Academic                         Success' (CAS) mission in promoting self-efficacy and metacognitive development to advance student                   success.  

     Topics that may be covered in training include: techniques for successfully beginning and ending a tutor 
     session, modeling problem solving, working with adult learners, and learning theory and/or learning                         perfereces. Tutors are encouraged to regularly reflect on the training received, tutoring habits, how to 
     address the challenges faced by students.  

     "It was important for us to have all of the tutors CRLA certified because it shows our tutors are formally                  recognized by an internationally accepted standard of skill and training.  Moreover, the certification gives               positive reinforcement for tutors doing successful work from an international organization," said Matt 
      Mattox, CAS Assistant Director of Academic Support.  

CRLA certification benefits the LSU Shell Tutorial Center, the students who receive services, and the tutors themselves. Tutors are encouraged to add the completion of their university’s tutor training program to their resumes or curricula vitae to demonstrate their leadership and comprehension abilities. 


To learn more about CRLA certification and standards, please visit For more information about CAS tutorial services, 



About LSU Center for Academic Success
The LSU Center for Academic Success (CAS) helps students achieve the higher levels of learning necessary for academic success in college and beyond.  CAS offers services such as free tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI), Academic Coaching and other online resources.  The LSU CAS is internationally recognized for more than 25 years of work in student learning and metacognition, and is one of three university learning centers accredited by the National College Learning Center Association.  



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