John Selloriquez Named 2016-2017 Best New Supplemental Instruction Leader

By Elizabeth Duggins
February 3, 2017

John Selloriquez and Susan SaaleLSU junior John Selloriquez, of Shreveport, La., is this year’s recipient of the Best New Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader Award in recognition for his ready grasp of educating students in his first semester leading chemistry sessions.

SI is one of many programs offered through the Center for Academic Success (CAS) to help students excel in historically difficult classes. SI leaders work closely with instructors, attend class and hold bi-weekly review sessions to help students find the best way to learn in a specific course.

“The SI program is a great way, especially for freshmen, to discover how to really prepare for college exams,” Selloriquez said.

Recipients of the Best New SI Award qualify by excelling in leading SI sessions during their first semester on the job. Graduate assistants and observation leaders attend the sessions of all new SI leaders and determine which has best followed the SI model. SI leaders are expected to act as a guide to student learning, rather than give a second lecture on the topic.

“It often takes a couple of semesters for SI leaders to get the hang of how to best lead students,” said Susan Saale, CAS Associate Director.

Selloriquez tutored students individually before deciding to join the SI program in spring 2016. Since then, he has learned a few things about himself and LSU.

“Being part of the SI program allowed me to learn essential attributes, such as patience and dedication toward my SI students,” Selloriquez said. “The program led me to see the big picture of LSU, and allowed me to give back to our LSU community.”

Saale had the opportunity to attend some of Selloriquez’s sessions.

“He has a very good rapport with the students. He calls almost all of the students that attend the sessions by name and they stay actively engaged,” Saale said. “He is a very personable young man.”

Selloriquez, and the other new SI leaders are now eligible for the Saundra Yancy McGuire Outstanding Supplemental Instruction Leader Award in future semesters.

Upon graduation, Selloriquez hopes to be accepted into medical school and pursue a medical career.

“I've found that I also really enjoy teaching, so I may also look into careers in education,” Selloriquez said.