Virtual Learning Center 

The Virtual Learning Center has interactive resources that can help you achieve your academic goals, even while studying in the comfort of your home!

Online Workshops                                       

Our online workshops teach students simple strategies to improve studying and learning. Workshops have interactive quizzes and track your progress. 

Workshop topics include:
  • College Reading Strategies
  • Concept Mapping
  • Note-taking and Comprehension
  • Overcoming Test Anxiety
  • Test Preparations
  • Time Management    

In order to properly track your progress during your time in the workshop, your web browser must have JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

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Student Lingo Workshops

LSU partners with Student Lingo for online workshops that may be beneficial to your academic goals.

Workshop topics include: academic and career exploration, reading and writing strategies, learning to learn, personal management, online learning, and more! 

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Online Tutoring

Students receive up to 900 minutes of free online tutoring each year through Smarthinking, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get help whenever you need it! This resource is funded by the Student Technology Fee Program. Students can purchase additional time after the free minutes have been used.

Online Tutoring 


   Manage time

Map My Success
Master to Do List
Weekly To Do Breakdown
Weekly To Do List


  Ace Tests
  Ace My Tests
College Reading Strategies
Concept Mapping
Examine Returned Tests
Solving Multi-Step Problems
Study Cycle



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