Our on-campus Tutorial Center offers free assistance with homework, test preparation, and study strategies in many subject areas.

The Center for Academic Success provides FREE tutoring by trained peer tutors. No appointment is necessary. Stop by with your books, notes, and assignments. Tutors are always available for 1000 and 2000 level math and science courses. View tutoring schedules for all other subjects.

Free Tutoring

Shell Tutorial Center
Trained peer tutors help with homework, test preparation, and study strategies. No appointment is necessary.
141B Middleton Library

12:00-5:00 p.m.

Shell Tutorial Center Summer 2017 Courses 

ARABIC (All Sections)        MATH  1550
BIOL  1001                            MATH  1552
BIOL  1002                            MATH  2057
BIOL  1201                            MATH  2065
BIOL  1202                            MATH  2070
CHEM  1201                         MATH  2090
CHEM  1202                         ME  2273
CHEM  2261                         ME  2733
CHEM  2262                         ME  3633
CE  2450                                ME  3752
CE  3400                                PHYS  2001
EE  3950                                PHYS  2110
EE  2950                                PHYS  2112

FREE Online Tutoring
(900 free minutes for current students)
Access this on MyLSU through the Student Services drop down menu.

State of Louisiana Homework Help
This service is from the State Library of Louisiana and you can access it from a public library or your home in Louisiana.

Additional On-Campus Tutoring

Tutoring Matching Service

As a courtesy to students and parents wanting individual assistance for students, the CAS provides a link to Tutoring Matching Service (TMS) where LSU students can register to provide and receive tutoring for payment.


Tutoring Fiction vs. Fact

  • FICTION: Tutorial Center Tutors give undivided one-on-one assistance.
  • FACT: Our walk-in center is serves as many students as possible. High demand subjects have 3-5 tutors for every 15 students, and wait-times may occur.
  • FICTION: Tutors provide answers to assignments.
  • FACT: Our tutors are CRLA trained to provide guidance on how to achieve the correct answer, which will help you succeed when taking the test.
  • FICTION: Tutoring can replace class time.
  • FACT: Tutors support students in clearing up minor problems and cannot replace class time or effective study habits.
  • FICTION: Tutors know everything.
  • FACT: Tutors are just like you. They take courses taught by a variety of professors and may not be familiar with every concept or homework assignment in each course.
  • FICTION: Tutors pick and choose which students they help.
  • FACT: Tutors respond to flags raised in their assigned subject areas in request order.
  • FICTION: Private tutors are employed by the CAS.
  • FACT: The CAS provides private tutor names through a Tutor Matching Service as a courtesy, but does not employ private tutors and is not responsible for their service quality.
  • FICTION: Students who have a poor experience should quit attending the tutorial center.
  • FACT: Feedback matters! Complete a Tutor Rate Card, so CAS can quickly address issues.






Tutors are responsible for working one-on-one in their subject with students in the Shell Tutorial Center.