Building Résumés

A résumé can be seen as your one-page interview.

Think of it as an audition before you are given a part in a production. In this audition, you have to show you are able to do things the director wants you to do. In the case of your job search, your résumé will be that audition. It is a chance for you to showcase things you feel the employer would be most concerned about. The employer has a job description detailing things a candidate must possess to qualify. You should use your résumé to show you meet all of those criteria and are the best candidate for the job.

General tips

  • Provide the most important information such as education, graduation date, GPA, and so on at the beginning of the résumé.
  • Leave off things you do not feel are relevant to the job so you can use space to discuss things that are most pertinent to the open position.
  • Be specific when talking about your experiences. Details give a better understanding of what you bring to the table.
  • Stay consistent with your formatting throughout. Your résumé should not stand out for the wrong reasons.

When you think you have finished writing, take a step back and ask yourself, “Does this document say everything I want it to say and show me the way I want to be seen?” If the answer is yes, then you are well on your way. If not, there is always room for improvement.


Résumés in Careers2Geaux

All résumés must now be approved by the LSU Olinde Career Center before becoming active in Careers2Geaux. Be sure to download the guide the LSU Olinde Career Center uses to approve résumés.

Students should be prompt in submitting a résumé for activation. We make every effort to be timely in the approval process, but cannot guarantee a turnaround of less than two (2) business days.

You must have an active and approved résumé in Careers2Geaux prior to participating in on campus interviews.


Curriculum vitae

A CV is a longer more detailed version of the résumé commonly used in academic, scientific or research environments. Commonly 3-10 pages in length, the CV details your academic and professional career. Before starting, always check with colleagues in your department for sample CVs as different disciplines have different requirement.

Cestagi offers a free way to easily create an electronic CV.