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Careers2Geaux is LSU’s source for job postings, on-campus interviews, recruiting events, career-planning workshops and resources, networking, and managing job searches.

Through Careers2Geaux, you can post full-time, part-time, internship, co-op, summer and volunteer opportunities. The system is password-protected and available to LSU students, faculty, staff, and registered alumni 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Thank you for your interest in recruiting LSU students and alumni, and we wish you much success in filling your positions!


Posting vacancies

To list your position on Careers2Geaux, click the Careers2Geaux tab in the Employers menu of our web site and follow the instructions for creating an account. Once you enter the information for your position, the status of your posting will remain “pending” until reviewed by a staff member. Open positions are posted for 45 days. For more information, please contact Amy Caillouet or 225-578-2162.


Part-time vacancies

If the position you wish to fill requires or could be best performed by students in specific disciplines, you may wish to contact LSU Olinde Career Center staff to explore the option of converting your part-time job opportunity into an internship opportunity. A targeted internship opportunity will draw the attention of more skilled applicants, and both you and the candidate would benefit. If this approach is of interest to you, contact Sue Feinberg, assistant director of Experiential Education, at 225-578-2162.


Résumé referral service

We can provide résumé referrals to employers posting full-time job vacancies at no extra charge. If you choose to use this service, we will search our student database for candidates who meet your required qualifications and e-mail résumés of potential candidates to you. Résumés are not provided for positions not listed through the Careers2Geaux system.

Please be aware of two factors when utilizing this service:

  • The LSU Olinde Career Center does not notify students that their résumés are being sent to specific employers through the résumé referral service. When you contact students based on résumés received through this service, you will need to inform them how you obtained their résumés.
  • Students are encouraged but not required to notify the LSU Olinde Career Center when they are no longer searching for a job, so your résumé referral set will likely include the résumés of some candidates who have already accepted employment and have not notified the LSU Olinde Career Center.

To request résumé referrals after posting your position, e-mail Amy Caillouet with your contact information and the job listing number for the position. Please include in your request any additional filtering criteria you would like us to use. 

We will process these requests within three to five business days after your position is posted online.


Guidelines for third-party recruiters

Third-party recruiters must agree to specific guidelines when using the job posting and résumé referral service.


Other services

In addition to posting a job and receiving résumé referrals, you can work with us to secure a location for interviewing qualified candidates on campus. Videoconferencing is available for employers who are unable to visit campus to conduct interviews. To take advantage of either service, please contact Courtney Edwards, assistant director, Employment Services, 225-578-2162.



Contact Amy Caillouet, administrative coordinator, 225-578-2162.