ISA/ICC Elections 2014-2015


President, ISA and ICC:

  • 1) Michael Panther

    My name is Michael Panther Mayen. I am a born South Sudanese in Africa. I am Undergraduate Junior studying BS Economics with minor in Mathematics. I am a confident young man who stand up before groups of people, make difficult decisions and work hard to help others to feel part of the whole group. I have organized events during my high school and I am also taking part here at LSU through International Student Association as well as taking part in an Honor Fraternity called Pi Sigma Phi. This Fraternity fosters the ideals of Leadership, Scholarship and Fellowship. I am current your vice President of International Student Association. Working with International Students has taught me on how to work with different group of people from different backgrounds. I feel that I got the leadership skills that will make me a better candidate in the position of ISA/ICC President. I have been involved with International Student Association since my first year at LSU and I love every minute of my experience with international students. I am also working at the International Cultural Center so I am familiar with the work and services that the ICC offered to the International Students. I have been working under two ISA/ICC Presidents who have taught me a lot on what make a good leader. Through them, I am learnt to be honest in order to set a good example, motivate and inspire everyone as well as I have goals that you need to achieve. So why am I running for ISA/ICC President? Is it just for the name or for personal gain? No. I am running because I have felt that there is need to move this great organization to the next level. I believe that there is so much that ISA/ICC can offer to international Students. Here are my goals if elected the President:
    • ISA/ICC will advocate for reduction in International Students’ tuition fees which have continued to raise drastically in recent years
    • I will work with LSU Student Government and Administration to make sure that our high achievers students who have 3.5GPA and above get some scholarships.
    • Increase transportation; I will work with the ICC to make sure that International Students can be given rides to stores and mall twice a week.
    • ISA/ICC will establish An International Students Forum which will be held twice a year. This will give International Students an opportunity voice their concerns to the LSU administration. I will invite LSU President and some administrators.
    • We will also organize more events for international students. This is a great way for us to get to know each other and also learn a lot about our cultures.
    • We will plan for one big event in the Spring that will bring together the domestic and international students to celebrate enrich, expand, and display our diversity here at LSU.
    These are just few of the goals that I have in mind. I believe that if you elect me, I will perform my duty to the best of my ability and I will contribute my hard work and commitment to the good of the International Students. I hope that you will consider electing me and give the chance to serve as your ISA/ICC President. Thank you in advance and as always; Geaux Tigers!!

  • 2) Federico Gonzalez

    I would like to apply for the President position for the ISA and ICC. I am interested in this position because I want to help both organizations grow and develop. I have been a member of the board of both the International Cultural Center and the International Student Association and therefore know the organizations and have many ideas on how to improve them. I am currently an Economics undergraduate student entering my senior year at LSU. I entered the program in 2012 and am expecting to graduate in May 2015.

Positions with the International Student Association (ISA)

Vice President (one position):

  • 1) Tao Xu

    My name is Tao Xu. I've been in MS Finance program since last August and I plan on graduating next May. As a multi-cultural business and finance student, I have developed quantitative and technical abilities and can apply them in response to ISA's needs. When I was enrolled in UL Lafayette, I served as Vice President of the International Student Council from October 2011 to October 2012. Our goals are to aid international students who may encounter culture shock and to encourage free cultural exchange among every segment of the University community. In order to achieve these goals, I worked industriously on one particular project - International Week. I spent countless hours organizing and coordinating all aspects of the events, ultimately resulting in a successful event enjoyed by hundreds of students. For my contribution, I received the 2012 UL Lafayette Exceptional Service Award, which is awarded to only 18 out of over 1,000 graduate students. I look to further progress these skills at ISA. I would welcome an opportunity to discuss my candidacy for VP, ISA, in more detail. I can be reached by email . Thank you for considering my application.

  • 2) Xuan Wang

    I am writing to apply for the vice president position of International Student Association. I am Xuan Wang, a Chinese Ph.D student in the Department of Information System and Decision Science. I have studied in the United States for six years, including five years at LSU. I got my bachelor and master degrees from the Math Department of LSU. I have known the ISA and ICC since the time I came to LSU. I was extremely impressed by the work that was done by ISA/ICC. I think that was a great help for the lives of international students at LSU. The information from ISA/ICC made my life at LSU much easier. During the activities hold by ICC, I got met with many new friends from different countries. We shared our information and experiences in all aspects. In the past I only received the help from ISA and ICC, but now, I want to join ISA and contribute to the work helping other international students. I think my knowledge from five years life here will significantly benefit the work of ISA. I am willing to devote my time to the work as vice president at ISA to assist the president. Besides, I am always the person that would like to put effort on the administration affairs. When I was studying in China, I worked in the publicity department of Student Association. My excellent performance was recognized by all my colleagues. Also, as a Ph.D candidate for the doctoral degree of business administration, the knowledge I learnt will also help to improve my work as the vice president. Based on all these details, I think my knowledge and experiences fit the vice president position perfectly. Thank you for your consideration of my application.

  • 3) Udaykumar Chimakurthi

    My name is Uday Kiran Chimakurthi and I am a graduate student in Electrical engineering department on the program for masters in Electrical Engineering. I began that program in the Fall of 2013 and expect to graduate in the Spring 2015. I hold the position of President for Graduate Student Association at LSU since October 2013. I was appointed as student spokesperson in my undergraduate freshmen year and held that position for the next consecutive three years. I was elected by the all undergraduate students of the university. My role was to take the student voice to the university government and line of custody. I dealt with the general body meetings with the college officials, organizing the technological events and workshops by negotiating with various institutions. I was the mediator between students and the government. I achieved great applause from the students and the university authorities. From my under grad level, I have developed great interest to serve the student community and stand for a cause. With the above experience, when considered the available positions, I would like to contest for the Vice-President of ISA position.

Secretary (one position):

  • 1) Ramprakash Subramanian

    I am interested in serving in the position applied for as I have experience being a secretary. I was the secretary for the Adventure club in my high school. I used to organize the club meetings and also the record the number of club meetings held every week. I used to take attendance of all members who attended the meetings. I am very good at maintaining records which I believe is a very important trait a secretary should have. Furthermore, I would love to help arrange the events of the ISA, meet more international students, and broaden my horizons. My Major is in Petroleum Engineering, undergraduate. I entered in the Fall of 2012 and expect to graduate in Spring 2016. Thank you so much for considering my candidacy.

Public relation chair (one position):

  • 1) Ricardo Jagpath

    I am interested in serving as the Public Relations chair for the ISA as I believe I possess the right qualities to be effective in this position. I am excited to contribute whatever I can to the development and growth of the ISA as a well-known organization for international students at LSU. Having been a Member-At-Large for the past year, I am aware of the effort that is required by all the members in the planning and organization of the ISA events. I believe my experience has well prepared me for this positionand I hope to continue helping the ISA in its efforts to create a warm, welcoming environment for all international students. Major: BS PETROLEUM ENGINEERING, Undergraduate Year of entry into program: FALL 2012; Expected graduation date: SPRING 2016 e-mail:
    *Co-Leader of high school Roman Catholic religious group
    *Executive Board of high school International Culture Club
    *Member of LSU Society of Petroleum Engineering
    *Member of LSU American Association of Drilling Engineers
    *Member of Volunteer LSU
    *Member of LSU African Student Organization

Treasurer (one position):

  • 1) Kojo Orgle

    I was previously the Treasurer of the ISA and I believe I served well. With my experience I know that I will be an even better Treasurer of ISA again. I remember my first day on the LSU campus and I remember how much help I received from the international community here. Even after settling in, the international community continues to aid hundreds of international students on campus. For this reason, I see it as a great achievement to work with this organization. I would like to serve again as the ISA treasurer because I believe that I have the ability to create analytical budgets, I am a very careful person, especially when it comes to money, and I work very well with other individuals. I see these three qualifications to be important when it comes to working with financial obligations in a respectable organization such as the ISA. I think that I will be able to contribute a lot to the organization again and be able to work well with the new executive board, whoever these individuals may be. Major program of study: Petroleum Engineering; entered 2012, expected graduation date 2016.

Positions with the International Cultural Center (ICC)

Vice-President, Administration (one position):

  • 1) Seleipiri Charles
    As an international student at LSU, I have had the opportunity of being involved in various volunteer opportunities and student organizations, the most impacting of which have been my work with VLSU, Baton Rouge General Hospital, and the college of engineering Diversity ambassadors. Through these organizations, I have had the opportunity of packaging food for the homeless, volunteering in hospitals and mentoring high school students. These experiences have invoked in me a passion for aiding people from diverse backgrounds and needs. They have also inspired me to promote diversity and equality in whatever situation I may find myself in. These organizations have also allowed me to acquaint myself with other internationals as they shared with me their own experiences here at the university. These learned experiences have strengthened my desire to pursue an officer position here at the ICC, a desire that speaks to me more than anything else. All of these…have taught me valuable lessons and have shaped me into the organized, dedicated, and responsible person that I am today. I believe that being a part of the ICC will enable me to enhance these leadership skills while allowing me to further immerse myself in the culture and diversity that exists on campus. In the words of Marco Rubio, “Leadership cannot be in a poll or even the result of an election. It can only be seen through the benefit of time”. This is what I hope to embody if given the opportunity. It is also why I believe that I would be the best candidate for this position because I will do my best to contribute in every way that I can to ensure that everyone feels welcome and has a great experience at LSU. Biographical Sketch: BS in Chemical Engineering Year of admission: Spring 2012 Expected Graduation in May 2016 e-mail:

Public relation chair ( This position is not subjected for voting):

  • 1) Isabelle Moore