2014-2015 LSU Student Media Board

President and Chancellor appointees

Ernie Ballard
Director of Media Relations
Communications and University Relations
225.578.5685 Eballa1@lsu.edu

Prosanta Chakrabarty
Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
225.578.3079 prosanta@lsu.edu

Professional Media appointees

Donna Britt
225.383.9999 dbritt@wafb.com

Jim Engster
225.291.2727, Ext. 203 jim@louisianaradionetwork.com

Danny Heitman
Editorial Page Editor
The Advocate
225.388.0295 dheitman@theadvocate.com

Michael J. Wilson
Vice President of Digital Media
The Advocate
225.388.0795 mwilson@theadvocate.com

Manship School appointees

Emily Tiller Wascom
Director of Centennial Activities
Manship School of Mass Communications
225.578.2187 etille1@lsu.edu

Jay Shelledy
Greer Chair in Media Ethics
Manship School of Mass Communications
225.578.3984 jes@lsu.edu

Student Life appointees

Pam Coltharp
Director of Marketing & Communication
Student Life & Enrollment
225.578.8602 pcoltharp@lsu.edu

Travoll Payne
501.606.1828 tpayne4@tigers.lsu.edu

Joseph Hollins

Student Government President appointee

Tyler Loga
504.881.6460 tloga1@tigers.lsu.edu

Student Senate appointee

Gabrielle Murphy
225.620.5953 gmurph6@tigers.lsu.edu

Office of Multicultural Affairs appointee

Brent Chapuis
504.274.7987 chapuisbrent@gmail.com

Student-At-Large appointee

Grace Reinke
404.803.9122 greink1@tigers.lsu.edu

Secretary (ex-officio)

Bob Ritter
Director of Student Media
B-39 Hodges Hall
225.773.7820 rwritter@lsu.edu