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KLSU Executive Staff Job Descriptions

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Responsible for formulating station policy and making certain that such policies are implemented. Works to maintain the highest quality product to attract the maximum number of listeners. Keeps up-to-date with all FCC rules and regulations and ensures that all executive staff members are briefed on a regular basis of operating policy. The Station Manager shall cooperate with the Adviser to ensure that the Public File, mandated by the FCC, is properly maintained.

Responsible for maintaining the quality of the station. Must know all radio practices and music programs, FCC regulations, etc. Works with the manager in establishing programming and format policy and overseeing effective execution. Is accountable for the presentation of news, public affairs, and sports. Responsible for scheduling and evaluation of all specialty programming and DJs. Closely monitors all on-air content for obscenity, sex and drug related statements, and innuendos in announcements that violate FCC rules and regulations. Maintains the EAS (Emergency Alert System) as required by the FCC.

Helps Station Manager and Program Director in hiring all DJs. Must have a strong understanding of all equipment in the Control Room and be able to train all regular shift DJs for use of that equipment. Evaluates all regular-shift DJs on a regular basis and makes sure all shifts are covered in the event that a DJ cannot come to work.

Hires (in association with the Station Manager), trains and supervises station news reporters. Develops and implements news policies and procedures. Works closely with the Program Director in approving news schedules and formats. Maintains a quarterly issues list that is to be included in the Public File. Schedules and evaluates daily newscasts.

Hires (in association with the Station Manager), trains and supervises station sports reporters. Schedules and evaluates daily sportscasts. Assigns weekly packages to sports reporters. Produces weekly sports show and all pre-game shows (if applicable).

Supervises the music programming from the selection and acquisition of records to the preparation of play lists in association with the Program Director. Maintains current play list on computer (using Selector program), compiles music charts and acts as liaison with record labels and distribution companies.

Works directly with the Program Director. Must be aware of the station's programming philosophy and objectives. Must work closely with the underwriters and be in charge of voicing or finding voices for all underwriting and promotional spots. Responsible for overseeing the production department, which creates all in-house promotions, underwriting announcements, events calendar, etc. using production computer programs.

Works with the Program Director in planning, development, and execution of all promotional campaigns. Oversees the Promotions Team and KLSU remotes. Maintains contact with campus and area businesses to help with promotions and marketing. Must work with the Underwriting Department.

Maintains the daily Traffic Log to include all aspects of the program day; underwriting, public service announcements, news, etc. (A record must be maintained of what actually aired for billing purposes and station's records.) Responsible for scheduling and labeling announcements by computer, maintaining traffic logs and scheduling dayparts.

Creates and maintain KLSU Website. Must have extensive knowledge of HTML and other Web languages, graphics, Flash, etc. Must be able to update the site on a regular basis. Works in conjunction with the Promotions Director to update social media outlets.  The Web Director is responsible for keeping the content current and maintaining the Program Schedule and show information.