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Maintains communication with Daily Reveille Editor-in-Chief. Oversees Photo Editor, Managing Editor and Business Editor. Coordinates with Photo Editor to generate Gumbo photographic content. Coordinates with Reveille writing staff to generate Gumbo written content. Monitors and communicates with Advertising representatives on budgeting and sales matters. Creates layout theme and templates. Responsible for second round of copy and layout style editing. Approves final content for submission. Creates and implements pre-production, production and post-production schedule. Schedules and directs staff meetings and training sessions.

Answers to the Reveille editor-in-chief. Supervises all sections of the Gumbo. Helps orchestrate the sharing of Gumbo and Reveille resources and personnel. Hires, and in consultation with the Reveille editor-in-chief, has authority over all Gumbo staff members. Meets Gumbo print deadlines. Oversees marketing efforts. Executes the policies of the Reveille editor-in-chief.

DESIGNER (Two Positions)
Reports to Editor-in-Chief. Maintains organized file management of Groups server. Selects, edits and makes available Reveille written and photographic content for use by Designers. Oversees page creation by Designers. Responsible for initial objective evaluation of page layouts, initial copy editing and maintaining consistent thematic design. May design advanced graphics or complicated spreads. May assist in redesign of unsatisfactory layouts.