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Who We Are

The Daily Reveille, LSU students' source for news, has been keeping students informed for more than a century. The print version publishes five days a week during the fall and spring semesters, with a circulation of about 14,000, and twice a week during the summer semester. The online version,, is updated multiple times a day as news happens. In addition to the print content, it also includes interactive content unique to the website. The site had almost 1.7 million page views during the last academic year.

The Daily Reveille, which is funded by advertising and student fees, employs more than 80 students each semester.

The Daily Reveille is committed to excellence, accuracy and diversity in its coverage of the campus and its surroundings.

History of The Daily Reveille

The earliest known issue of The Daily Reveille was published at Louisiana State University in 1887. The newspaper however became a permanent part of campus on Jan. 14, 1897 after the first issue of the new Reveille hit stands. For at least a short while just after 1934, The Daily Reveille earned national journalistic recognition after then-Sen. Huey Long had seven staff members expelled for reporting on something he believed should not belong in "his" newspaper. The students now are commonly refered to as The Reveille Seven and include Carl McArn Corbin, Samual A. Montague, Stanley D. Shlosman, Cal Joseph Abraham, Jesse H. Cutrer Jr., L. Rea Godbold and David R. McGuire Jr.

The publication became The Daily Reveille in 1938, only to be forced back to semiweekly status during the Second World War. It resumed daily publication again in 1947 but dropped back to four issues a week in 1951 when the Korean War caused LSU enrolment to slump to just over 5,000 students. The Daily Reveille returned to five-day-a-week publication in 2002.

The Daily Reveille boasts many prestigious alumni including E.J. Ourso, for whom LSU's College of Business Administration is named, and Robert E. Pierre, the current bureau chief at The Washington Post. The Daily Reveille's history also includes stories that have had a great impact on campus, such as the series of stories that resulted in the resignation of an LSU chancellor.

In recent years the Reveille has morphed from a newspaper to a 24/7 news operation, providing news coverage to various outlets: a daily newspaper, The Daily Reveille; an online site,; radio newscasts on KLSU-FM; and a yearbook, the Gumbo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who decides what stories The Daily Reveille will cover?

A: Student editors and writers make all the content decisions for The Daily Reveille. Neither the administration nor the professional staff of Student Media has any control over what goes into The Daily Reveille.

Q: What should I do if I think something in The Daily Reveille is wrong?

A: If you find an error of fact, please notify the editor at 225-578-4811 or The Daily Reveille is eager to correct errors and appreciates when readers bring them to our attention. If you disagree with an editorial position you read in The Daily Reveille or want to comment on a story you read, please write a letter to the editor. They can be sent via e-mail to

Q: Where is The Daily Reveille distributed?

A: The Daily Reveille is distributed at 80 sites across the campus and several sites off campus. If you are unable to find a paper at those sites, please drop by the newsroom in B16 Hodges Hall. We'll be glad to find a paper for you. If you believe a particular spot on campus needs a Reveille rack, please contact Kodi Wilson at, or (225) 578-3007.

Q: How is the editor of The Daily Reveille chosen?

A: Students who qualify are welcome to apply during the advertised application periods each semester. The Media Board, which includes professors, professional journalists and students, selects the editor after interviewing the applicants.

Q: How can I participate in The Daily Reveille?

A: The Daily Reveille employs more than 80 students each semester. Hiring is generally done near the end of one semester for the next semester's staff. Watch for application advertisements in The Daily Reveille and on


Phone: (225) 578-4811