Louisiana State University Lacrosse Club

General Information

Matthew Burger [ burgermt@me.com ]
Vice President: 
Ezra Winters  [ ewinte3@tigers.lsu.edu ]
Michael Goodrich [ mgoodr2@tigers.lsu.edu ]
Head Coach: 
Nick Joslyn [ nick.joslyn@gmail.com ]
Assistant Coach: 
Sean Stevens [ stevens641@aol.com ]
Assistant Coach: 
Neil Purvis [ neildavidpurvis@gmail.com ]
Assistant Coach: 
Stu Brown [ browst03@gmail.com ]
Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA)
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Lone Star Alliance (LSA)
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Louisiana State University Lacrosse Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LSU Lacrosse a varsity program?
No. LSU lacrosse is a sports club sponsored by the university recreation department. All players are required to pay dues, and no scholarships are offered for being on the team. The club receives limited financial assistance from the university; the dues paid allow us to continue to compete.

Who does the team play?
LSU Lacrosse is part of the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) (http://www.collegelax.us). The MCLA is a league consisting of 190 teams in nine divisions throughout the country.

As part of the Lone Star Alliance southern division, each year we face off against Rice, Tulane, Texas A & M, and Texas State. Other out of division match ups typically include University ofTexas, Texas Tech, University of North Texas, and other teams throughout the southern region.

In the fall, we have scrimmages and tournaments with other clubs/teams throughout the region. Teams such as Ole Miss, New Orleans Men's Club, and Tulane.

What is the teams practice schedule like?
The team practices at the Sport & Adventure Complex (http://www.lsu.edu/urec/html/sac.html). This complex has three fully lit full sized fields with score boards.

Typically our practices consist of a 20-30 minute strength/agility/stretch routine, followed by drills. Most practices end with six on six scrimmage.

How can I join the team?
The team is open to all LSU students that have a desire to play lacrosse. However, it is to be understood that all players will be expected to show up for practices and have a positive attitude for learning on the field.

Are there requirements for being on the team?
The MCLA requires all of its players to maintain twelve hours of credit through the regular season (spring). Also, all players are required to maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

How much does it cost to play for LSU?
Currently, the team's dues are set at $400 dollars for the year. This covers your gloves, elbow pads, shorts, bag, and other apparel provided by the team. All of our gear is custom made for the team. Custom helmets are available for sale by the team, and are required for participation in the MCLA.

The team travels together. Travel expenses are expected to be covered by each player on an individual basis. We stay at the same hotels and car pool (when necessary).

When possible, the team charters buses for long road trips. They are provided at no cost to the players, thanks to university travel funds.

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