MAUJ 2010


It is time for the most anticipated event of the Spring semester, MAUJ '10 - The Spring Banquet. !

Mauj'10 will be held on the 17th of April, and this mail is a call for performances,call for interested folks for hosting the event and participation for Indian traditional fashion show at this event.

You are welcome to send in your submissions for group dances, solo dances, musical performances, singing or skits. Each performance will be allocated a maximum of 7 minutes.

Please mail your entries to as soon as possible. You are also welcome to send any questions you might have regarding the same.

Every year Mauj has managed to supersede the grandeur and has proven to be a bigger success than those held previously, and we believe with your participation and excitement we will be able to continue this trend. So please make sure you submit your participation as early as you can.

Looking forward to an outstanding Mauj'10!




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