MAUJ 2011 !!!

UTSAV 2010



Namaskar, Satsriakal, Aadab, Vanakkam and HELLO!!!

 Indian Student Association at LSU welcomes and invites one and all for the most awaited event of the year.


Date: Saturday 30th April 2011

Time: 6:00 PM

Venue: Pete Mavarich Assembly Center (PMAC), LSU Campus

**Dinner is catered by Bay Leaf: Authentic Indian Cuisine

Ticket Details:

$15.00 for non student

**$12.00 for students**

On gate $15 for everyone

**Students are requested to provide proper student ID at the time of purchase of tickets.

**Call now to reserve your table today!!!

For tickets contact:

>>Narender Tyagi (225-247-4529)

>>Rahul Sharma (225-573-2690)

>>Vamshi Kandula – (225-362-9651)

>>Aashay Mulay (951-236-6725)



Bay Leaf - Indian Restaurant Promotional Offer