Indian Flag

Indian Students Association at LSU

The Indian Students Association, popularly known as ISA, is one of the largest student organizations at Louisiana State University. With just under 300 members and a large number of member families in the Baton Rouge area, we are an extremely active organization. The ISA has in the past, upheld, and continues to uphold a long-standing tradition of serving Indian students and families to the best of its ability. The Executive Committee's main and most arduous task begins every fall semester with the arrival of new students. Given the time of arrival and certain other general details, the ISA undertakes the students' transportation from the airport and temporary housing. We also offer to procure apartments for these students if they request so in advance. With such an Indianized atmosphere we manage to create a home away from home here at LSU. Celebrations such as the fall welcome dance and other get-togethers hosted by the ISA early on in the year give the new students a great chance to interact and adapt to the atmosphere here. The transition is made easier this way. Other than the programs mentioned, the ISA usually has major plans for Diwali and other important festivities throughout the year.